Tommy Gunn & Marcus London in “Spartacus MMXII The Beginning”

Spartacus MMXII - Front Cover Spartacus MMXII - Back Cover
Title: Spartacus MMXII.
Talent: Andy San Dimas, Karina O’Reilley, Charley Chase, Devon Lee, Gracie Glam, India Summer, Jenna Presley, Melanie Rios, Miko Lee, Nicole Aniston, Nikki Daniels, Prinzzess, Tanya Tate, Marcus London, Nacho Vidal, T.J. Cummings, Tommy Gunn, Tony De Sergio.
Non-Sex Performers: Ben English, Brad Armstrong, Eric Masterson, Jack Lawrence, Jack Vegas, Kyle Stone, Lucas Stone, Marco Rivera, Reno, Shane Xavier, Vic D.
Studio: London Gun Productions, Miko Lee Productions, Wicked.
Director: Marcus London.
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Star Galleries, Photo Gallery, Chapters
Duration: 2 Hrs. 08 Min.


It was quite difficult to get a copy of this movie from Wicked Pictures, London Gunn Productions and Miko Lee Productions, so I had to buy my own in order to review it. I was a little hesitant about getting it because there are a lot of porn parodies that look promising and at the end they fall short of the original flick. I know this movie is based on Spartacus, the series from Starz so, I sincerely hope Spartacus MMXII The Beginning is a great job from everybody involved here.

Here’s the information we have on Spartacus MMXII:
“Spartacus (Marcus London) is captured and forced to fight to the death in the arena. After surviving the onslaught, he is sold to the Ludis of Batiatus (Tony de Sergio) where he is thrust into a world of sex and violence.

He finds an unlikely ally in fellow slave Crixus (Tommy Gunn), as they are both expected to please Lucretia (Devon Lee). In addition to performing in depraved orgies, they must train to fight against the unbeaten giant Androcoles. Will they fall victim to the gladiator or will they prove victorious and earn their freedom? A sexual epic for the ages!” 

Wicked Pictures is in charge of the distribution of Spartacus MMXXII The Beginning, but the movie was produced by London Gunn Productions and Miko Lee Productions, so that’s the reason I mention the 3 companies instead of just one, as I usually do. All these companies did a hard work. The movie was written and directed by Marcus London who also plays Spartacus in the movie. Well, let’s hope this is a good one. Here’s the Spartacus MMXII The Beginning movie review:

Spartacus MMXII - Devon Lee, Tommy GunnDevon Lee, Tommy Gunn 
When Lucretia’s husband leaves, she takes control of things and calls Crixus (Tommy) to take care of her needs. After a brief dialogue, the sex starts with Devon revealing her body to the prisoner. Devon looks fantastic in this scene in every way (and I think she’s wearing a wig). Sex was very sensual and nicely worked. Tommy also did a great job. Hot!!

Spartacus MMXII - Devon Lee, India Summer, Nikki Daniels, Tony De SergioDevon Lee, India Summer, Nikki Daniels, Tony DeSergio
Tony gets to fuck India under the sight of Devon Lee, who at the time is getting her pussy rubbed by Nikki Daniels. The scene was also very sensual, plus Tony gets to fuck Devon too. Devon really enjoyed sex in this scene too, ‘cause she pretty much got all the attention, but this wasn’t a foursome or a threesome. It was a very hot voyeur fantasy!

Spartacus MMXII - Tanya Tate, Marcus LondonTanya Tate, Marcus London
Beautiful Tanya Tate is a powerful woman and she’s got the chance to choose whoever gladiator she wants to. She chooses Spartacus (Marcus London). She likes it rough, so she gets a rough start and a nice pounding from Spartacus. She looks very happy while this is happening. This sex scene wasn’t as sensual, but she wanted a pounding!

Spartacus MMXII - Karina O'Reilley, Gracie Glam, Melanie Rios, Nacho Vidal, Tommy GunnKarina O’Reilley, Gracie Glam, Melanie Rios, Nacho Vidal, Tommy Gunn
Melanie, Karina and Nacho Vidal are featured in the background, but the main focus of the scene is on Tommy and Gracie. The couple pretty much made love in this scene that was very sensual at the beginning. Karina and Melanie do a great job on Nacho together. Overall it was sizzling hot!

Spartacus MMXII - Charley Chase, Nicole Aniston, Prinzzess, Tommy GunnCharley Chase, Nicole Aniston, Prinzzess, Tommy Gunn
It’s weird for me to watch Prinzzess in a straight movie, but this is a chance of a lifetime (if she goes with Tommy). Well, this wasn’t a foursome with sex, it was a blowjob and girls sharing caresses while Tommy received a BJ from either Nicole or Charley. Prinzzess never goes down on Tommy Gunn, but Nicole and Charley did great as usual!

Spartacus MMXII - Miko Lee, Tony DeSergioMiko Lee, Tony DeSergio
The dialogue between Tony and beautiful Miko Lee was brief, but right to the point. They caress for a little when Miko gets on her knees to please him, and what a great job she does!! Next Tony returns the favor and goes down on her, and the humping begins. Not long after, Miko opens up her ass for him, and things turn very, very hot!! Awesome!!

Spartacus MMXII - Andy San Dimas, T.J. CummingsAndy San Dimas, T.J. Cummings
The start of this scene was great and very sensual too. T.J. goes down nice and slow on Andy, and this turns her own, so she gives a great BJ to him. I love Andy San Dimas on cowgirl and that’s the first position she takes! Everything in this scene make it very sensual. I felt this couple had a lot of chemistry and they did a great job. Another awesome scene!

Spartacus MMXII - Jenna Presley, Marcus LondonJenna Presley, Marcus London
There’s no foreplay or introduction on the last sex scene of the movie, just the amazing Jenna Presley riding Marcus on cowgirl style for our viewing pleasure. Later, they go for the oral sex with Marcus going down on her and returning the favor with a great BJ. The direction in this scene was great, especially with the “fire” background. Short, but hot!!
Summing up:
Spartacus MMXII The Beginning from London Gun Productions, Miko Lee Productions, and Wicked Pictures is an amazing homage to Spartacus series from Starz. Marcus London did a terrific job with the screenplay. It was a simple screenplay that just keeps moving forward and it doesn’t need a lot of attention to details to keep you hooked.

I have to say there were a lot of sex scenes in this movie, and I think they didn’t need a lot of sex scenes to keep the interest in people, but I’m not going to complain for watching a lot of naked babes getting it on with gladiators.

I know you’re probably wondering if there’s a lot of action in this movie and I have to be honest and say no, there’s not a lot of action or blood. The movie has its moments where gladiators train before a sex scene, or they just go to train.

However, the last part of the movie is about confrontations and several minutes of gladiator fights. And Androcoles was actually a huge gladiator. The scenes at the arena were awesome, and I loved a moment where Androcoles kicks a gladiator to send him flying in the air. The fighting moments are great and they keep you hooked.

This is an awesome movie that shows you porn movies are not just people fucking. This movie keeps you entertained with awesome content, hot sex, interesting plot and great direction. I have to say that Spartacus MMXXII The Beginning is an awesome movie that you don’t wanna miss!!

3 Reasons to Watch Spartacus MMXII:
* The plot, the acting, and costumes, everything that made this production great.
* The guys are going to be eye-candy for girls, but the girls are also sizzling hot!
* My favorite girls of the movie were Miko Lee, Tanya Tate, Devon Lee & Andy San Dimas!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Awesome Movie.


This was Wicked‘s Spartacus MMXII Movie Review. You can find more titles from Wicked here.

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