Tiffany Thompson First Sex Scene In Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends

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Title: Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends.
Talent: Carolyn Reese, Ella Milano, Francesca Le, India Summer, Jessie Andrews, Karlie Montana, Kylie Ireland, Raylene, Sabrina Maree, Tiffany Thompson.
Studio: Smash Pictures.
Director: Francesca Le.
Extras: Shot in HD, Behind the Scenes, Pick a Position, Gallery, Previews.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 16 Min.


I received this movie from Smash Pictures and I’m really excited to add another great company to our regular porn reviews. The movie I best remember from Smash is the awesome Bridesmaids XXX, a movie I still highly recommend you to buy, or rent.

However, I just have to point out we’re doing unbiased reviews, so if any movie is something we consider average or below average we have to say it. Now, when it comes to Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends I have to say the movie looked really really good when I watched the introduction of this lesbian video.

Here’s the information we have on Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends:
“Rebellious Sabrina Maree calls social services on her parents and her social worker Kylie Ireland soothes her with sexy sapphic guidance. Tiffany Thompson is having boyfriend problems, so Raylene teaches Tiffany some surefire moves that will have her boyfriend eating out of her hands.

India Summers and Karlie Montana pass the time with a board game and one thing leads to another until they both explode with orgasms. Poor young Ella Milano having problems with her cheerleading squad, so coach Francesca Le consoles and comforts her in a way only a woman can. When Jessie Andrews finds Carolyn Reese masturbating in the tub, Carolyn decides it’s best to show her first hand exactly what it feels like.”

I loved the chance you get to choose between a movie with plot, and a movie with sex scenes only. Also, I had to comment, this was Tiffany Thompson’s first scene ever, so that’s pretty exciting. This is the first movie I watched in which beautiful Francesca Le was directing, I hope she does great. Well, here’s the Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends movie review:

Finger Lickin Girlfriends - Ella Milano, Francesca LeElla Milano, Francesca Le 
Stunning Ella Milano is stressed because the girls in her squad are bullying her. Beautiful Coach Francesca Le has a heart to heart with the young beauty. Francesca pays all the attention to the young girl by sucking on her nipples, kissing her body and finally licking her pussy. Ella actually looked inexperienced when it came to girl on girl sex. Still great!!

Finger Lickin Girlfriends - Carolyn Reese, Jessie AndrewsCarolyn Reese, Jessie Andrews 
Carolyn is ready to take a bathtub and she shows her curvy body before stepping inside the tub. Jessie Andrews is ready to join her inside the tub. All the action unleashed inside the bathtub and the girls really pay attention to each other’s pussy. Jessie was more active pleasing her older girl than Ella in the previous scene. Sex was very, very hot!!

Finger Lickin Girlfriends - India Summer, Karlie MontanaIndia Summer, Karlie Montana 
India and Karlie decide to start playing Twister just for the sake of some good, innocent fun. However, the game turns a little hot when India notices Karlie’s body. The young girl giggles a lot while India touches her body. Most of the attention goes for the young girl, and when her time to lick pussy arrives, she looks inexperienced and kinda scared, lol.

Finger Lickin Girlfriends - Raylene, Tiffany ThompsonRaylene, Tiffany Thompson 
As I said before, this is Tiffany’s first scene ever. This girl is very cute. Beautiful Raylene is going to take very good care of her after a brief conversation. I love watching the reactions of Tiffany in this scene, and I have to say I preferred her reactions when she was receiving oral. They hump against each other’s clit while kissing. Awesome!

Finger Lickin Girlfriends - Kylie Ireland, Sabrina MareeKylie Ireland, Sabrina Maree 
Sabrina Maree is having some personal problems that are frustrating to say the least. The beautiful girl will get some help from Kylie who doesn’t loses the time and quickly tries to hit on the young girl who bites the bait. Next thing we have this couple enjoying lesbian sex. Sabrina licks Kylie’s pussy for a long time, gets fingered and they scissor nicely!

Summing up:
Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends from Smash Pictures is a very tricky movie for me, I personally enjoyed the movie, but they rhythm was very slow, and some people may not like that. I think the cast of the movie was amazingly beautiful, the couples were well worked, but the inexperienced girls looked more scared of a woman than inexperienced.

The scene that I enjoyed the most was Raylene’s and Tiffany Thompson’s. Jessie and Carolyn also gave a terrific performance on a bathtub (something I think it’s difficult). Based on the beautiful female cast, the “older/younger seduction” thing, and some great scissoring action in different scenes, I’m going to rate this movie as a very good movie, but remember the sex is kinda slow and not too passionate.

3 Reasons to Watch Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends:
* The female cast is very beautiful, and the “older/younger lesbian sex works nicely”.
* The scenes featuring Raylene, Tiffany Thompson, Carolyn Reese and Jessie Andrews worked great!
* The sex is realistic and there are no toys, but it may be slow for some people. It was good for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Very Good Movie.


This was Smash Pictures’ Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends Movie Review. You can find more titles from Smash Pictures here.

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