The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4: Rough & Sizzling Hot!!

The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Front CoverThe Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Back Cover
Title: The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4.
Talent: Cameron Canada, Francesca Le, Jodi Taylor, Mia Gold, Zoey Monroe, Mark Wood.
Studio: Evil Angel.
Director: Francesca Le, Mark Wood.
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Cast List, Filmographies, Trailers.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 30 Min.

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The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4 from Evil Angel is the second threesomes movie we review this week. We just reviewed an excellent threesomes movie: Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled. Because of the name I think this movie is going to be a little rough, while the previous threesomes movie we reviewed was more aimed for women and couples.

Here’s the information we have on The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4:
“Teen fuck holes at your service! When “couples porn” is mentioned, the LeWood production team does not come to mind. That’s because the real-life partnership of lovely, American Latina MILF Francesca Le and her well-hung husband, Mark Wood, makes the total opposite of nice, safe, pretty adult movies. These kinky perverts like their sex anal, hard-core, dangerous and raw!

In The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew #4, Mark and Francesca dish out a harsh brand of sexual punishment to several pretty young things, with slapping, choking, face fucking and nasty ass-to-mouth discipline leaving the girls dazed and wrecked. Sometimes, two wrongs do make a right!” 

The movie includes four sex scenes, all of them threesomes. My questions about this movie are: is Francesca getting humped too? Is this only anal or is it also vaginal sex? is the hazing going to be very rough? I think it’s time to come up with the answers! Here’s my adult review of The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4:

The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Francesca Le, Zoey Monroe, Mark WoodFrancesca Le, Zoey Monroe, Mark Wood Rating 4
Cheerleading couches Mark and Francesca are teaching Zoey to become the best cheerleader possible. Zoey tells them about a little problem she’s got and they’re willing to help them. Francesca becomes the dominatrix and makes Zoey deep throat on Mark’s wood. Zoey gets double teamed with roughness, especially from Francesca. Hot anal!

The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Francesca Le, Jodi Taylor, Mark WoodFrancesca Le, Jodi Taylor, Mark Wood Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
Jodi is ready to pick up Mark and Francesca’s daughter, but they don’t like the way Jodi is dressed. She gets quite a spanking in the ass, boobs, and face. Jodi deep throats on his cock while they spit her face. I loved Jodi’s ass even when it was red for all the spanking and anal fucking! There’s ass to mouth, gaping and rough stuff. No sex for Francesca.

The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Cameron Canada, Francesca Le, Mark WoodCameron Canada, Francesca Le, Mark Wood Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
Francesca is clearing something up with Cameron. It’s about Cameron sexting Francesca’s son in law. Cameron is a little cocky so when Mark shows up, the guys decide to punish the bitchy little girl, lol. This time Francesca licks and fingers pussy, and Mark comes and humps Cameron with energy. Sex is rough, and they go for anal too and spanking. Hot!

The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4 - Francesca Le, Mia Gold, Mark WoodFrancesca Le, Mia Gold, Mark Wood Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
Mark and Francesca are pissed at Mia because they took her in and she’s turning everything into crap. Francesca is pissed when Mia fucked the China plates. It’s time for Mia to get a nice punishment. Francesca chokes Mia with Mark’s cock. They bend over the young girl and he thrusts her with firmness while Francesca rides her face! Awesome scene!!

Summing up:
The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4 from Evil Angel was quiet a ride that started with a scene that didn’t convince me that much, because it didn’t justify the ass-kicking Zoey gets, lol. It was intense and very good, but I was happier with the short plot in the rest of the scenes!

In the first scene Zoey gets really slapped around by Francesca (especially in the boobs and face). She takes quite an anal pounding from Mark, and they also use a Hitachi vibrator on her pussy. Francesca also gets fucked in the ass by the end of the scene!

In the second scene (Jodi’s), there’s no sex for Francesca. However, Francesca goes back in the saddle in the third scene (Cameron’s), and she also takes an anal pounding from Mark. In the last scene (Mia’s), there’s no sex for Francesca, she only gets her pussy licked by Mia at moments, and sometimes she sat in Mia’s face.

The extras include a behind the scenes footage that lasts for 18 minutes, a cumshot recap, gallery, filmographies and trailers. Overall, The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4 was a very exciting movie, and I was feeling the couple’s need to punish the girls, pound their asses and mistreat them!

If you’re into rough porn, I highly recommend you this flick. You’re going to love the mean machine Francesca Le. She really roughed the girls while Mark pounded their asses! Sizzling hot!!

3 Reasons to Watch The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4:
* These are rough threesome scenes that are very enjoyable.
* If you’re into rough porn, you’re going to love Francesca Le’s mean ways!
* The 3 last scenes had terrific short plots.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Awesome Movie.
Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg


This was Evil Angel’s The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew 4 Movie Review. You can find more titles from Evil Angel here.

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