The Japanese Wife Next Door – Adult Empire Unlimited Review

Title: The Japanese Wife Next Door.
Studio: Pink Eiga.
Cast: Reiko Yamaguchi, Akane Yazaki.
Duration: 1 Hr. 00 Min.

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For my Adult Empire Unlimited review this week I picked The Japanese Wife Next Door because I enjoy Asian porn and it seemed like the perfect movie to watch with somebody by my side. I watched this movie with friends because it’s weird for them to know there’s Japanese porn with a plot, so we decided to give it a try, especially since this is an Official Selection from the New York Asian Film Festival.


Takashi is our main character is depressed because he just broke up a long relationship. He goes to a party and he meets two beautiful girls there, and he’s confused and excited about both of them. However, Sakura is very smart and she soon takes him to a motel. She gives him a good, brief blowjob and tit-fucks him nicely (bad thing is that his cock is blurry, censored). She rides him in reverse cowgirl and gives him a nice lesson in fucking. So, he decides to marry her months later.

Sakura moves in with Takashi’s family: grandpa, father and Takashi’s sister. She takes care of the house work, takes care of grandpa and does everything a good wife is supposed to do by their culture. The fun started at night, when she’s alone in the room with her hubby. He didn’t like that she was very open minded and talked about America all the time, but he was a little scared that she was very sexually open and would love to get fucked with dildos.

While they’re playing sexually in the room, grandpa, dad and the sister would listen to them moaning and having fun. Everyone would react differently and it was very, very funny. Sakura’s tits are big and very hot, they looked great while riding her husband’s dick! Sakura is very playful and dirty, and she even loves to play with her hubby’s prostate while having him tied up and blindfolded. After three months of crazy sex with Sakura, Takashi becomes impotent because she’s just too much for him. This makes her a very sad girl and soon, the family notices her sadness.


The first one to notices her sadness is grandpa and the talk is very entertaining. After the talk, she reaches for grandpa’s dick and rubs it; very soon she’s sucking his dick and giving him an erection, something that makes him very happy! She fucks grandpa sitting on his lap and she asks him to suck on her huge rack, something he does super excited! After the nice fucking, he’s able to walk again!



Yayoi (the sister) confronts Sakura about fucking grandpa. After the discussion, Sakura kisses the sister, and sucks on Yayoi’s boobs while rubbing her pussy. There’s a great quote there: “In pleasure there’s no distinction between men and women.” The girls use a strap-on and Yayoi sucks it before Sakura thrusts her pussy with it. It was very arousing the way they played with each other!



The house environment is changing for the better and dad notices this. However, Takashi is not happy at all, so he meets with the second girl he met at the party (Ryoko). They talk about Sakura’s problem with nymphomania, and after that, they go to a motel. Ryoko is a more calm girl and Takashi enjoys being in charge. He sucks on her tits and masturbates her using his fingers, but he’s kinda lame, haha. They perform a 69 too and she seems really good at sucking dick. Talking to my company, we came to the conclusion that he sucks at sexually pleasuring a girl.



There’s a nice twist in the plot after the sex scene. Then, we move to the family’s house; Sakura is riding grandpa’s cock while Yayoi is fucking a dildo while watching them. Then, another hilarious twist. Dad finally finds out that Sakura, Yayoi and grandpa are fucking, so he gets very jealous. Sakura pleasures him with her mouth and he’s very happy about it! However, things get happier for him when she tit-fucks him! Sex was arousing but very brief.


The final scene is awesome with Sakura in the middle of everybody, riding her husband’s cock and dad fucking her ass while she’s sucking grandpa’s cock. Yayoi is there too masturbating and watching everybody fucking.


Reasons to Watch The Japanese Wife Next Door:
* The plot is hilarious, very entertaining and highly recommendable!
* Sakura, the lead girl was an amazing casting, she seemed so open minded and cool about sex!
* The lesbian scene was definitely very arousing.
* The final orgy was perverted and very arousing!


I loved The Japanese Wife Next Door and I definitely recommend it as a must watch movie! However, I’m not sure if some people may like the movie when they’re censoring the genitals and not showing the penetration. Also, the sex scenes are very brief, it’s just like having the idea of sex. This is the type of movie that you can watch with girls and have a great time because of the hilarious plot and the sexual situations. I think this is a movie that you definitely have to watch if you enjoy great porn plots!!

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