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Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3.

Talent: Latoya, Sophia Young, Sasha Yung, Ashley Teen, Adele Booty, Anita Sparkle, Diana Dali, Liona Len, Miranda Deen, Caroline Sweet.
Teen Erotica.
Ivan Esquebar.
Extras: Photo Gallery, No Regional Coding.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 02 Min.

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Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 from Teen Erotica and director Ivan Esquebar is the threesome movie I was really looking forward to for a while! I had such a great time with the previous installment (Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2) and I’ve been trying to have free time to watch this installment. This movie is all about threesomes with two young women and that’s definitely one of the hottest fantasies most men have (including me!). Let’s find out if this movie is as hot as the previous installments!


Here’s the description of Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3:
“2 young tight pussies for every guy. 95% of teenage girls say they feel safer being fucked while with a girlfriend”


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 - Sophia, Anita, DragoAnita Sparkle, Sophia Young, Drago

Beautiful schoolgirl Anita is reading while hottie Sophia is taking notes. Sophia is receiving phone calls but Anita doesn’t let her pick up; the strict Russian girl gets tired of Sophia’s disobedience and she spanks the beautiful girl with a paddle while the girl is in doggy position and then, she pulls Sophia’s panties to the side and rubs her pussy!! Anita and Sophia play with the help of a pink dildo and then, a young guy shows up to fuck Sophia and then, he drills Anita’s pussy! After pumping their pussies for a while with little interaction between the girls, the guy partly cums on Sophia’s mouth and the rest drips on Anita’s bald crotch!


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 - Latoya, Leona, Miranda, Nikolas
Latoya, Leona Levi, Miranda Deen, Nikolas

The girls are semi-naked drinking tea in bed and the action starts with Leona and Miranda melting together in a passionate kiss and caresses. Latoya is the next one to kiss Miranda and then, the girls put the drinks aside and get more passionate in a threesome! The guy shows up, he kisses with Latoya first and receives a blowjob from Miranda and Leona; he fucks Miranda first while she’s laying down and he kisses Leona passionately.
He drills Leona’s pussy next when the hot girl lays on top of Miranda; Latoya is standing up right in front of his face to have her pussy licked, but he doesn’t go for it. The girls take turns at riding his cock and face, and the foursome finally gets more interactive! Miranda gets the first part of the cumshot and then, Latoya but Leona got most of it on her face!


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 - Caroline, Sophia, DragoCaroline Sweet, Sophia Young, Drago

The guy is in the scene right from the start and he feeds curly beauty Caroline with grapes and she shares them with Sophia in a very arousing kiss while he watches them! The trio undress and they take things nice and slow for a while, until the girls team up to give him a very hot blowjob. Caroline rides his face to have her pussy licked while he’s receiving head from Sophia. Then, Sophia rides his dick nicely in cowgirl position.


Caroline rides his dick next in reverse cowgirl and then, Sophia stands up giving her back to him to get her pussy pumped from behind while she kisses Caroline passionately! The girls continue taking turns at getting their pussies fucked and sucking his dick and they also interact between each other licking pussy and kissing passionately! Caroline gets the full cumshot inside her mouth and she drips it onto Sophia’s pussy and she licks her clit too!


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 - Ashley, Adele, NikolasAshley Teen, Adele Booty, Nikolas

Sexy Ashley starts getting very handsy with busty Adele, she enjoys playing with her big natural boobs while kissing her passionately! Adele gets Ashley pretty much naked and caresses her body when the dude shows up and gets all handsy with Ashley. He gives oral sex to Ashley while she’s getting her titties sucked by Adele at the same time! The girls team up to please his genitals with their hands and mouths.


Adele rides his face (enjoy her bubbly ass pervs!) while Ashley continues giving him head! Ash impales herself on his dick and rides him with hot rhythm; then, the guy bends Ashley over in doggy position and fucks her asshole with energy!! Adele also gets her asshole fucked in belly-down position while Ash caresses her booty; Ashley goes ass to mouth to receive his cumshot inside her mouth and she drips it on Adele’s booty!




Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 - Emma, Diana, NikolasEmma Piquet, Diana Dali, Nikolas

The trio walks into the bedroom together and they’re wearing black lingerie only. They all kiss and he makes them put on a show for him with kisses, caresses and strip-teasing! They get their pussies fingered simultaneously by him and then, he goes down on both starting with Diana! He also fucks Diana’s mouth while fucking Emma’s feet; he fucks Emma in the asshole right away while kissing with Diana!


Emma sucks his dick clean after anal and then, the girls team up to give him a terrific blowjob! Diana sits on Emma’s face to have her pussy licked and she also gets her asshole pumped by his hard dick! They get their assholes and pussies rammed nicely by him and the interaction in this threesome was terrific and very arousing! The girls take turns at sucking his dick before he jizzes on their faces.



Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 3 from Teen Erotica and director Ivan Esquebar was very good and very arousing. Personally, I enjoyed much more the last couple of scenes with Emma, Diana, Adele and Ashley, those girls were very dirty and playful in the threesome setting! This movie includes an anal sex threesome and lots of threesome interaction overall. Highly-recommended flick!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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