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Title: Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2.

Talent: Latoya Karina, Camila Simakova, Eva Zan, Liona Levi, Daryl Croft, Adele Booty, Ashley Teen, Miranda Deen, Nikolas Artem, Cail Brodevski.
Teen Erotica.
Ivan Esquebar.
Extras: Photo Gallery, No Regional Coding.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 03 Min.

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Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 from Teen Erotica and director Ivan Esquebar looks like a very promising threesome title from the Watch Unlimited program! The movie is over 2 hrs. long and there are 5 threesome scenes featuring two girls and one guy. The best part of the watch unlimited program is that you can watch this movie, the prequel and its sequels as well as other 40,000+ movies for the same low monthly price! Let’s find out if this movie is as hot as it looks in the preview!


Here’s the description of Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2: “Teens have super tight pussy and ass! Studies show that a male’s attention span lasts only a minute or two so jumping from one teen girl to the next keep it interesting.”


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 - Latoya, Ashley, NikolasLatoya, Ashley, Nikolas

Super hottie Latoya is by herself feeling horny and jerking off on top of her sexy lingerie. Curly beauty Ashley shows up and kisses the girl passionately (and they’re damn hot!). Nikolas Artem also shows up feeling frisky and he kisses both girls passionately while Ashley is on top of Latoya. He gets Ashley naked first and lays down to get head from Latoya while he rubs Ashley’s clit; the girls give him simultaneous head and Ashley also sits on his face to receive oral sex.


Next, the interaction is awesome with one girl riding cock and the other riding Nikolas’ face. He takes turns at humping their pussies but they keep the interaction very hot with lots of caresses and kisses! After a lot of pussy pumping with both girls, Latoya opens up Ashley’s butt cheeks (while Ashley is in doggy position), and he jerks off and lands the cumshot between beautiful Ashley’s buttocks then, Latoya sucks his cock clean. Sizzling hot!


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 - Eva, Camila, CailEva, Camila, Cail

The young couple formed by Camila and Cail Brodevski is kissing passionately and getting very handsy with each other! Sex with 2 teenage girls starts when he eats Camila’s pussy when Eva shows up and jerks off while watching the action. He takes off his pants and the girls give him a simultaneous blowjob and also take turns at sucking his dick. Camila gets the privilege to ride his cock first since she’s the girlfriend and while she’s riding cock in reverse cowgirl, Eva jerks off and she also kisses and caresses Camila at times too.


Eva rides Cail’s dick in cowgirl position and she eats Camila’s pussy in the process, this makes the threesome much more arousing! He takes turns at humping their pussies and the threesome interaction is a little less in here than the previous scene. He keeps humping and get the girls together to land the cumshot on their faces; they suck his cock clean to finish!



Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 - Adele, Liona, NikolasAdele, Liona, Nikolas

Both beautiful schoolgirls Liona and Adele are studying and behaving like good girls for a little while. A picture gets them in the mood and soon, they’re softly caressing their bodies and kissing seductively. They whip out those perky titties and suck on them really good and then, Nikolas joins the fun and they quickly get him naked and blow him!


The way they please him at the same times is terrific and then, the girls stack on top of each other and he fingers and licks pussies and assholes like that! Adele takes it inside her asshole in reverse cowgirl position while Liona watches, jerks off and then, she eats Adele’s pussy! Only Adele takes it up the ass and after a nice anal humping session while she’s belly-down, Nikolas takes off the dick and lands the cumshot on Liona’s tongue and she lets it drop off her tongue on Adele’s butt.



Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 - Daryl, Ashley, Nikolas

Daryl, Ashley, Nikolas

Gorgeous Ashley is wearing a pink outfit while stunning Daryl a grey one; the girls are trying different clothes and then, they kiss really good! The girls giggle and talk while getting naked and then, Daryl gets a huge, rugged vibrator! Daryl uses the vibrator to penetrate Ashley’s pussy and she does it nice and slow; the girls get scared and cover themselves when Nikolas shows up. He doesn’t even ask permission, he just takes off his clothes and jumps in bed with the nervous girls.


The girls get into a 69 position and he jerks off close to them watching them play with the vibrator. He licks Daryl’s asshole while Ashley is humping Daryl’s pussy with the toy; Daryl gets into a very arousing double penetration when he fucks her asshole! The girls always stay in the 69 position and he humps Ashley while she’s on top for a while and Ashley ends up getting a very arousing creampie that drips down onto Daryl’s neck!!



Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 - Liona, Miranda, Nikolas
Liona, Miranda, Nikolas

Miranda and her boyfriend Nikolas are already semi-naked and they’re caressing each other very passionately! Liona joins them in the room and the girls make a dude sandwich for foreplay; Miranda sucks his cock first but Liona joins her soon so, both girls suck his cock really good! The girls lay down and he eats Liona’s pussy first while Miranda watches and masturbate by their side; Nikolas licks Miranda’s pussy and fingers her asshole too, but Liona gets fucked first in doggy position while Miranda holds her! Liona licks his balls while Miranda is riding his cock in reverse cowgirl with enthusiasm!


Miranda switches holes and gets fucked in the asshole while Liona rubs Miranda’s click and the guy’s balls! Liona gets to ride his cock after that in cowgirl position and the action is also very arousing with Miranda by their side caressing their bodies and kissing the guy. Miranda gets her asshole humped some more while she’s laying down and Liona kisses her in the lips passionately in the process. The girls form a 69 briefly and Liona takes part of the cumshot in her mouth and part lands on Miranda’s crotch!


Sex with 2 Teenage Girls 2 from Teen Erotica and director Ivan Esquebar was a fantastic movie if you’re into foreign porn (which is more realistic than American porn)! I loved the threesomes, there was always interaction in the threesome, sometimes it was brief but solid; other times the interaction was great and very, very arousing! There’s even a couple of scenes with anal sex included and the girls are very young, very kinky and very beautiful! This movie is a “must-watch” especially if you can watch this movie with 40,000+ others for the same low price!!


Rating: 5 out of 5.



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