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Title: Hose Monster 4.
Talent: Alice Romain, Destiny, Sandra Romain, Choky Ice, David Perry, Ian Scott, Kid Jamaica, Leslie Taylor, Mike Angelo, Renato, Roly Reeves.
Studio: Evil Angel.
Director: David Perry.
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Photo Galleries, Cast List and Filmographies, Trailers.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 29 Min.



So far, I haven’t missed a single movie in this series from director David Perry, and I’ve always ended up very happy with the final result of each one. Hose Monster 4 from Evil Angel is a movie where we get to watch horny European gals taking on at least 3 dudes at the same time. These movies have a lot of double penetration, and triple penetration, and I love hardcore flicks like this!!

Here’s the information we have on Hose Monster 4:
“Famed French stud and veteran director David Perry continues his exploration of those special ladies who require multiple cocks at once to be fully satisfied. Hose Monster 4 features three of Europe’s most shameless sluts, each taking on four big-dicked brutes in the kind of sprawling, outrageous gang bangs that would make less adventurous girls head spin! Hose Monster #4 is a beastly good time!”

There’s something particular about Hose Monster 4. Sandra Romain’s little sister stars in this movie as well, and apparently this is her second porn movie at the time, because her filmography only shows another title from her, so that’s pretty cool. After watching the initial titles of the movie, I think this is going to be another great ride. Here’s the Hose Monster 4 movie review:

Hose Monster 4 - Sandra Romain, Ian Scott, Kid Jamaica, Mike Angelo, Roly ReevesSandra Romain, Ian Scott,Kid Jamaica,Mike Angelo,Roly Reeves 
Mechanics always try to fuck you up, no matter your country. This is what happens to big ass Sandra who gets a huge bill and she doesn’t have enough $$ to pay. She starts paying to Ian, the manager, but the mechanics are watching, and they want in! Sex was awesome!! Anal, DP, double anal, cool!!

Hose Monster 4 - Alice Romain, David Perry, Ian Scott, Leslie Taylor, Mike AngeloAlice Romain, David Perry, Ian Scott, Leslie Taylor, Mike Angelo
Cute petite Alice Romain gets involved in a poker game, and she’s the prize. However, since all the guys there are friends, the winner decides to share the girl with his buddies. There’s double penetration, and Alice was very active. But I have to say, she wasn’t as crazy as Sandra. Still very hot sex!!

Hose Monster 4 - Destiny, Csoky, David Perry, Mike Angelo, RenatoDestiny, Csoky, David Perry, Mike Angelo, Renato
Big ass girl Destiny gives a tease in the outdoors during the rain. She’s got a hot body, and she did a great job teasing. When the guys arrive, she starts fucking them like a crazy girl and soon enough she’s having two dicks inside of her. There’s great anal action, double penetration, and of course, triple penetration. She puts up with 4 guys!!

Summing up:

Hose Monster 4 from Evil Angel and director David Perry is another awesome addition to this series. The girls are very naughty, and as an extra naughty fact, remember that 2 sisters perform in this movie, even though they’re not in the same scene, I think that’s pretty hot!

Sandra Romain is insatiable, she shows us that as she fucks 4 guys at the same time, and she does a wonderful job, never gets tired, and she pleases the 4 studs nicely. They pulled a stunt I didn’t enjoy a lot though, I didn’t enjoy it ‘cause I was worried about Sandra. They put a “real wrench” inside her ass to masturbate her, that was crazy!!  Also, the floor on the shop was really dirty, and you can easily tell, but I guess that’s realistic for a shop, lol.

Destiny’s tease was weird because it didn’t have any music, and she was teasing outdoors in a backyard while it was raining (not too rainy though). This is the first time ever I watch a tease during a rain. Her ass caught my entire attention, and I wanted sex to start as soon as possible, and she didn’t disappoint me. Alice Romain was a little more careful, and she wasn’t as naughty, as the other two performers, but if this was one of her very first movies, it’s understandable, and still, she did a very good job.

The behind the scenes footage is a little over 15 minutes, and most of the attention goes for Alice Romain here. The footage is mostly sexual teasing and masturbation, not a lot of interviews like I was expecting, still it was very hot, and you get to learn more about Alice during her interview. Overall, I have to say that you can’t miss Hose Monster 4, this movie is awesome!!

3 Reasons to Watch Hose Monster 4:
* Lots of double penetration and triple penetration with the 3 girls in the movie!
* The girls are very hot, 2 of them have big round, bubbly asses!
* Fans of hardcore sex can’t miss the 4th installment of Hose Monster!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Awesome Movie.


This was Evil Angel‘s Hose Monster 4 Movie Review. You can find more titles from Evil Angel here.

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