Jul 13

My Black Brother 2 Porn Review

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My Black Brother 2 ReviewMy Black Brother 2 -BackCover













Title: My Black Brother 2.

Talent: Leah Gotti, Brooke Bliss, Tiff Star, April Brookes, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Jon Jon.
Studio: Digital Sin.
Director: Paul Woodcrest, Eddie Powell.
Extras: Behind The Scenes, Bonus Scenes: Brooklyn Chase with Jovan Jordan (36+ min.) and Marley Blaze with Isiah Maxwell (29+ min.), Photo Gallery (2+ min.), Pick Your Pleasure, 3 Trailers, Spam.
Duration: 1 Hr. 46 Min.

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My Black Brother 2 from Digital Sin and directors Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell is a movie for fans of interracial porn, and pervy short plots. (Watch the Free Trailer Now). I’m not sure the movie is going to be great material when it comes to short plots because of the short length, but I DO know the girls are very hot and the guys are great at plowing pussy! Let’s find out if this movie is worth your time and bucks with this review!


Here’s the description of My Black Brother 2:
“Anytime these horny stepsisters need a good dick, they just call their brother from another mother! Join Leah Gotti, Brooke Bliss, Tiff Star and April Brookes as they get it balls deep with their big black stepbrothers. These family relationships are going to get freaky!”


My Black Brother 2 - Leah Gotti, Ricky JohnsonLeah Gotti, Ricky Johnson
Gorgeous Leah and Ricky are already in action when the scene starts; she’s giving him great head while they’re in bed. After the head action they cuddle and there’s brief dialogue between the step-siblings; then, she gets fucked by Ricky and the best part is doggy position and when she’s tummy-down while he’s ramming her pussy with very hot rhythm! She gives him more head after that and rides his cock in cowgirl to watch her yummy booty and reverse cowgirl next to watch her perky, yummy tits. He keeps ramming her pussy in missionary position and lands his cumshot on her torso, but mostly on her tits!



My Black Brother 2 - Tiff Star, Moe Johnson

Tiff Star, Moe Johnson
Moe is chilling at the couch when Tiff shows up all slutty revealing that her date was a black dude with a big dong. She asks Moe if he’s the same down there and he whips out his cock to show her; they go for the “but we’re step-siblings short bit” and next, she’s sucking his cock with her titties hanging out. Moe fucks her in missionary position and spooning; she rides his cock in reverse cowgirl and Moe humps her in doggy position next. He keeps humping and humping in doggy position until he creams the insides of her pussy. Cool creampie!



My Black Brother 2 - April Brookes, Isiah Maxwell

April Brookes, Isiah Maxwell
Hottie April is having a hard time studying for tests; Isiah tries to convince her to relax and have fun, sexual fun. The step-brother bit and the rest of the plot is very, very brief; before you know it, Isiah is taking off her shorts and panties and licking her yummy, pink slit! He gives her very hot oral sex and they also perform an arousing 69; she gets fucked in missionary position, spooning and some fingering happens too. There’s a lot of intense doggy position and more BJ action for Isiah; he rams her pussy some more in missionary position and feeds her with his cumshot!


My Black Brother 2 - Brooke Bliss, Jon Jon

Brooke Bliss, Jon Jon
Jon Jon is having a nap in the couch when his kinky step-sister Brooke takes advantage of the situation getting all handsy! Jon Jon plays hard to get and thanks to this the short plot is a little more extensive than in other scenes; she finally convinces him with a blowjob and lots of hand job fun too. He bends her over the couch and plays with her booty while she’s still wearing panties.


Jon Jon takes off her panties and eats her pussy for some time; after that, they get completely naked and she rides his cock in cowgirl position. She also gets her pussy pounded in doggy position and a modified doggy style too; he gets her in piledriver position to eat her pussy, and he also fucks her in that position! She gets more oral sex and more pussy humping until he creams her chin and her yummy tits!


My Black Brother 2 from Digital Sin and directors Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest is a hot and sexy porn movie with great sexual performances, very beautiful young women and great humping dudes! My downside with this movie is because it promises the “step-family” pervy sex and the stories are not really believable to deliver on that side. If the movie was just sex between a black dude and a girl, I would have rated it higher! Still I recommend you to watch it if you’re into some of the dudes or the stunning beauties included!


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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