Ms. Grey – A Lesbian 50 Shades of Grey Parody

Ms. Grey - front CoverMs. Grey - back Cover
Title: Ms. Grey.
Talent: Lily Cade, Dolly Leigh, Skin Diamond, Kasey Warner, Ela Darling.
Studio: Severe Sex.
Director: Lily Cade, Dee Severe.
Extras: Interview Directors Dee Severe and Lily Cade (15+ min), Interview Dolly Leigh (5+ min.), 5 Photo Galleries (44+ min.), 1 Trailer.
Duration: 3 Hrs. 03 Min.



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Ms. Grey from Severe Sex and directors Dee Severe and Lily Cade is a movie based on the -somehow smash hit and latest porn fad- 50 Shades of Grey books. Director Lily Cade is going to carry in her shoulders the movie (she’s going to be Kristen Grey). Her sub for the movie is called Anabelle Irons and is played by the beautiful Dolly Leigh. I hope this movie brings some entertainment because I’m already a little fed up with the 50 Shades of Grey fad. So let’s find out if you should you buy Ms. Grey, or if you should you rent Ms. Grey!

Ms. Grey description:
“Ms. Grey will see you now.”
And with those words, Annabelle Irons is pulled into the world of Kristen Grey, a kinky place where her limits are challenged by increasingly heavier BDSM adventures. She’s happy to explore her submissive side — but is Ms. Grey her true love, or just a cheating bitch who’s using her?

Ms Grey - Lily Cade, Dolly LeighLily Cade, Dolly Leigh
After 6+ min of dialogue (meeting up, signing the contract, etc.), the girls finally get naked and inside a soapy bathtub. Dolly gets restrained and blindfolded after some foreplay, she also gets stimulated briefly with a feather toy, and her body gets flogged too. Lily goes down on her nicely, then turns her around to expose her booty and thrust it with a toy.


Ms Grey - Lily Cade, Dolly Leigh - aLily Cade, Dolly Leigh
This time, there’s the introduction to the red room of pain and after talking things over with Anabelle, Ms. Grey puts a belt on her neck and makes her crawl. She spanks her very hard again and ties her up to a huge chest. There’s body scratching, and some flogging too for Dolly. Lily masturbates her partner, licks her pussy, and she also uses a strap-on!


Ms Grey - Kasey Warner, Dolly Leigh, Lily CadeKasey Warner, Dolly Leigh, Lily Cade
Back in the red room of pain, Ms. Grey gets ready for a hot threesome. She ties up the girls on fours and flogs their asses
and she also spanks them. Dolly has a butt-plug up her ass, Lily finger bangs both girls and then, makes Dolly eat Kasey’s pussy (with face-sitting too) while she flogs them more. Lily uses a strap-on to fuck Kasey, while Dolly licks her pussy!!


Ms Grey - Lily Cade, Skin DiamondLily Cade, Skin Diamond
Ms. Grey goes to a bar and she hooks up with gorgeous Skin. Lily puts a belt on Skin’s neck and makes her crawl. Lily uses the belt to spank her and then, she rubs Skin’s pussy and a boob. They kiss very passionately, Skin eats Lily’s pussy with firmness and also fingers Ms. Grey. There’s face-sitting and passionate rubbing against each other. This was sizzling hot!!


Ms Grey - Dolly Leigh, Ela DarlingDolly Leigh, Ela Darling
After the met on Tinder, Ela and Dolly get a brief talk in Dolly’s place. Soon, Ela is spanking her partner’s ass till it gets kinda red. There’s great communication between the girls, and the chemistry is really good. Ela bounds Dolly’s feet to lick her pussy and ass. Then, Ela sits on her face, blindfolds her and spanks her hard. Sex was very hot, and gentle!!


Summing up:
Ms. Grey from Severe Sex and directors Lily Cade and Dee Severe is a good movie if you’re into soft BDSM porn and lesbian trysts. The repetitive Christian Grey fad was a big turn off for me because I’ve seen many parodies of that story already (at least I feel it’s too many). However, there are a couple of scenes that really captured my attention, the last 2 scenes of the movie!

In the first scene between Dolly and Lily, Dolly also goes down on her dominant partner and she does a great job. Dolly gets restrained again and receives more soft torture, and lots of caresses on her pussy before getting jerked off. In the second scene, Anabelle gets a very hard spanking after rolling out her eyes at Ms. Grey; there’s also some pussy fingering with Ben Wa Balls being introduced during the punishment. She gets spanked over 50 times.

Ms. Grey is a very entertaining movie if you’re a big fan of lesbian porn and soft BDSM!

In the red room of pain scene, Lily uses a strap-on to fuck Dolly’s mouth pussy and I think her ass too. The threesome was quite entertaining with Lily in the lead of everything, but she also got some help from Dolly and they took Kasey as their sub after a while. Lily uses a strap-on on Kasey while Dolly sucks the newbie’s tits and feet, she also kisses her in the mouth at times. Kasey and Lily spank Dolly with paddles at the same time while she’s restrained. Lily also fucks Dolly in the ass with the strap-on while Kasey flogs Dolly in the back and chest. Both girls masturbate Lily at the same time.

Lily and Skin Diamond get very passionate and intense, it was a sizzling hot performance with lots of pussy eating and fingering, face-sitting and hot masturbation. Dolly catches them in the act to discover Ms. Grey’s betrayal. Ela Darling and Dolly had great chemistry too in the last scene; there was great communication about their BDSM needs and the oral sex was hot! Things are a little more slow and improvised, but you could tell they had fun playing with each other!

Ms. Grey Cons:
* Yet another parody of 50 Shades of Grey.
* Compared to other parodies, the sets were too simple for billionaire people.
* The sound at times was too low to listen.

Ms. Grey Pros:
* Lily Cade was able to carry the movie on her shoulders.
* Dolly Leigh was the perfect sidekick, plus Kasey, Skin and Ela were very hot too!
* Very good for newbies in the soft BDSM world.
* The scene between Skin Diamond and Lily Cade was pure, evil passion!
* The scene between Dolly Leigh and Ela Darling was very hot, and great for gentle BDSM!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Rent Ms. Grey.
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