Lexi Belle’s First Anal Sex in Her Movie: “Lexi”

Lexi - Lexi Belle's First Anal - Front Cover Lexi - Lexi Belle's First Anal - Back Cover
Title: Lexi.
Talent: Dani Daniels, Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, James Deen, Jon Jon, Michael Stefano, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar.
Studio: Elegant Angel.
Director: Mason
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Gallery, Spam.
Duration: 3 Hrs. 02 Min.

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We have always been very big fans of Lexi Belle, so we just couldn’t miss Lexi Belle’s first anal in this movie from Elegant Angel, her movie: Lexi. We’re always trying to check out in which movies is Lexi performing, and if possible we get them to bring you the reviews. So now, when we knew this was Lexi Belle’s first anal scene ever, we just couldn’t miss it for the world!

Here’s the information we have on Lexi:
“In one of most eagerly awaited scenes in all of porn, the adorably beautiful and perverted superstar, Lexi Belle, performs in her highly anticipated first anal scene. Her movie is directed by the award winning Mason.”

Right at the beginning of the movie Lexi Belle gives an interview talking about her origins, her life, and her porn career. I can’t believe she’s 25, she looks like she’s 4 or 5 years younger. Director Mason brings to life this promising project from Elegant Angel, and we’re really looking forward to it! Here’s the Lexi movie review:

Lexi - Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, Michael StefanoLexi Belle, Riley Reid, Michael Stefano
After a fantastic camera work during the teasing on roller skates, Lexi and Riley start getting it on with Riley licking the beautiful blonde’s pussy. Michael joins the girls and starts pounding Lexi when she’s doing a 69 with Riley. Sex was sizzling hot, and all participants were interacting with each other. Michael cums on their faces at the end. Awesome!!

Lexi - Lexi Belle's First Anal - Lexi Belle, James DeenLexi Belle, James Deen
Lexi teas us in front of the camera wearing a black bikini. Lexi shows us the butt plugs that she’s using for anal training. There’s good foreplay from James to her, and kinda rough too. He strangles her while pounding her pussy then, they go for anal with a butt plug, then Lexi Belle’s first anal. He starts slowly, and intensity raises. Awesome!!

Lexi - Lexi Belle, Jon JonLexi Belle, Jon Jon
This is an interracial sex scene in which Jon Jon is going to pound Lexi’s pussy in different positions. She gives an interview after her first anal sex scene, and she says she enjoyed it a lot. However, you can tell that she’s more happy having her pussy pounded by Jon Jon, than having her ass stuffed by James. Jon Jon did his job with Lexi very good!

Lexi - Dani Daniels, Lexi BelleDani Daniels, Lexi Belle
After another great tease and another great interview, we get Lexi in a lesbian sex scene with Dani. The girls start kissing and caressing each other, and Dani takes the lead, but Lexi quickly wants the lead too, so they give each other nice pussy-licking moments. The girls spent a long time playing with the wand vibrator, and they look happy. Very good!!

Lexi - Lexi Belle, Mick Blue, Ramon NomarLexi Belle, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar
When Lexi said this scene was intense during her interview, she wasn’t joking. There’s not even some foreplay, and she’s quickly taking a dick in her mouth and pussy. Mick Blue and Ramon pounded her like crazy, but she seemed to enjoy it. Personally, I don’t like it too rough, and they were rough and intense on her, (slaps in her face and ass).
Summing up:
Lexi from Elegant Angel shows you a lot of material with Lexi between scenes, and you get to know her much more which is pretty cool, especially if you’re a huge fan of the beautiful blonde. The female cast was beautiful and, the male cast is also eye candy for the females watching this movie.

My problem with Elegant Angel’s videos of this kind continues to be the same. They market the most promising scene of the movie a lot, this scene turns out to be one of the first ones and this kills your excitement for the rest of the movie.

That’s like telling you: “come and watch the girl with 2 heads” (Lexi Belle’s first anal). They show you something pretty cool at the beginning, then the girl with 2 heads, and then they want to show you more cool stuff, but you already saw the girl with 2 heads and you don’t care for the rest of the stuff.

Same thing happened with Charley Chase’s first anal, Kagney Linn Karter first double penetration, and so on.

So, you’re probably wondering, is the first anal sex scene worth it? I have to say: “yes”. They start with vaginal, so this gets Lexi in the mood. Then, they play with a butt plug, and finally James thrusts her very nice and slow, until she gets used to his cock. Then, they raise the intensity.

You can tell Lexi is having some fun, and some pain moments, still it was awesome. I’m glad Manuel Ferrara didn’t get this one, ‘cause he’s been a first one inside several girls’ asses. James did great, even though at the end he turned rough on her, as he usually does.

The interracial, the lesbian, and the last threesome with 2 guys were very good scenes, but nothing that could really keep me entertained once I saw the anal sex scene. The last threesome you really have to give Lexi a standing ovation ‘cause she really took it like a champ, these guys were crazy!! Overall we have to say that “Lexi” is a great movie, and Lexi Belle is an amazing girl!

3 Reasons to Watch Lexi:
* Lexi Belle fans should definitely take a look at this movie.
* Lexi Belle’s first anal sex scene was actually great with a mix of cuddly/rough sex.
* The first threesome with Michael was awesome. Riley and Lexi really connected on screen!

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Very Good Movie.


This was Elegant Angel‘s Lexi Movie Review. You can find more titles from Elegant Angel here.

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