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Kristina Rose in The Legend of the Magic Taco

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Kristine Rose in The Legend of the Magic TacoThe Legend of the Magic Taco - back cover

 Title: The Legend of the Magic Taco.
Angelina Stoli, Bridgette B., Estrella Flores, Kristina Rose, Laurie Vargas, Layla Rivera, Pepper Foxxx, Johnny Castle, Marco Banderas, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn.
Wicked Pictures.
Mark Stone.
HD, Bonus Scene, Behind the Scenes, Trailers.
122 min. (2 hrs. 2 min.)
Wicked Pictures, Straight, Latinas, Girl on girl.


I honestly dare to say that The legend of the Magic Taco is one of Wicked Pictures  funniest movies ever. The plot is really simple and almost non-existent. You’re going to start the movie by watching this message on your screen:

It is said that hidden deep within the recesses of Los Angeles, California, there is a restaurant that serves the finest and tastiest Mexican food on earth. Not many know of this place but its tacos and handmade sauces are legend. Using only the freshest ingredients and prepared in the richest of Mexican tradition it is tastiest, most succulent, mouth-watering eating experiences you will ever have. And that’s before the magic REALLY happens…
Juan Cortez Sanchez “El Taquero” is definitely one of the funniest Wicked Pictures characters in a while. This man makes you laugh your ass off with his funny performances in each scene. I wish I knew how to credit him, but unfortunately he’s wasn’t credited in this movie.

Bridgette B. & Mick Blue.

The scene breakdown includes busty Latina Bridgette B. and Mick Blue in the first scene with a very nice sex display with some kinky sex, blowjob, oral on her, and a lot of pounding on the restaurant table. That’s how The Legend of the Magic Taco begins!!

Kristina Rose & Tommy Gunn.
The second scene includes beautiful Latina Kristina Rose, the super porn star of California and her fuck buddy in the scene Tommy Gunn. This scene is very funny because Kristina Rose arrives with Tommy talking about getting some enchiladas, and after a fit of our restaurant owner, poor Kristina ends up eating tacos ‘cause that’s the only thing he sells in the place. The sex is also very hot and with a lot of naughty stuff on it.

Johny Castle & Laurie Vargas.
Guadalajara’s beauty Laurie Vargas and Johny Castle star in the next scene. Laurie puts a lot of effort on this scene with her great blowjob action, nice ass and a lot of pussy pounding. Besides, she’s actually the only daredevil of the movie because she goes for anal sex with Johny Castle, pretty cool.

Estrella Flores & Pepper Foxx. Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
The girl on girl part of the movie goes for two hot Latinas, Estrella Flores and Pepper Foxx. Estrella and Pepper are two beautiful women with very hot lesbian action in this scene with a lot of pussy eating, and toy playing.

Angelica Stoli, Layla Rivera & Marco Banderas.
The last scene includes Latin porn star Marco Banderas with Angelica Stoli and Layla Rivera. Marco Banderas talks in Spanish in his scene (which was surprising) and gives quite a banging to both cuties, but mainly to Angelica. I’d have to say that it was quite a treat to watch these two Latina beauties banging Marco Banderas in the very caliente threesome of the movie.

Summing up:
Marco Banderas surprised me with his Spanish dialogue ’cause he barely talks in movies. Kristina Rose did a great job as usual, and Laurie Vargas was the kinky girl with her anal contribution. I have to give a special mention to Estrella Flores and Pepper Foxx. Thanks to the great sex, cute ladies, and awesome comedic moments: The Legend of the Magic Taco deserves to become an instant legend in adult cinema.

Rating = Awesome!!

This was Wicked Pictures’ The Legend of the Magic Taco. You can find more titles from Wicked Pictures here.

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The Legend of the Magic Taco 

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