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Title: Home Wrecker 2.
Talent: Holly Michaels, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Vicki Chase, Charles Dera, Erik Everhard, Nacho Vidal.
Studio: Digital Playground.
Director: Robby D.
Extras: Trailers, Photo Gallery, Spam, Behind the Scenes.
Duration: 1 Hr. 46 Min.

It’s been a while since I last reviewed the first Home Wrecker from Digital Playground. The movie was hilarious and very sexy, and both girls Selena Rose and Vicki Chase were fantastic. Looks like this is going to be a direct sequel of that movie from director Robby D., so I’m really excited about Home Wrecker 2 with Kayden Kross.

Here’s the information we have on Home Wrecker 2:
“Hung studs Nacho Vidal and Erik Everhard, on the rebound after being burned by their horny ex-roommate, Selena Rose, convince a buddy, Charles Dera, to move in with them.

Charles brings his sexy friends, Riley Steele and Holly Michaels, with him, throwing them into a lusty lion’s den of hot, pounding sex. Gorgeous, sultry Kayden Kross joins the naughty boys for a visit, and strokes their broken male egos as well as their long rods, before hopping on top for a wild, perverted ride of sexual pleasures.”

As I write, I’m already watching the introduction to the movie. It contains a brief recap of the content of the previous installment, and it also shows us heartbroken guys Erik and Nacho struggling to make it without their girls (Vicki and Asa). The start of the movie is very funny and I’m hoping the movie continues that way. Here’s the Home Wrecker 2 movie review:

Home Wrecker 2 - Holly Michaels, Erik EverhardHolly Michaels, Erik Everhard
The start of this sex scene was a little weird, but let’s go with the flow. Erik passionately goes down on Holly, and she also goes down on him in a matter of no time. Oral fun is great from both of them, and Erik gives Holly a great passionate, pounding. I loved Holly bubbly ass, she looked fantastic in cowgirl and tit-fucking. This was a very passionate start!!

Home Wrecker 2 - Riley Steele, Nacho VidalRiley Steele, Nacho Vidal 
We quickly move into the second sex scene without prior dialogue. Nacho is already going down on Riley, and she enjoys the energetic oral sex Nacho is giving her. Riley also takes a pounding from him, and if you know Nacho, you know he means it when it comes to pounding. Because of this reason, Riley wasn’t as active as she usually is in sex.

Home Wrecker 2 - Kayden Kross, Nacho VidalKayden Kross, Nacho Vidal 
Charles’ sister Kayden is staying with the 3 guys for the weekend, and Nacho quickly helps her to feel comfortable at home. After a heart to heart they’re kissing, and Kayden goes down on him. The sweet beginning of the scene is going to fool you because the scene turns into a very, very passionate fuck-fest!

Home Wrecker 2 - Kayden Kross, Erik EverhardKayden Kross, Erik Everhard 
Erik is down, so it’s up to Kayden to make things better for him, and what’s better than sex to help somebody feel better? Erik gets really excited about fucking Kayden, and he starts passionate, but he takes it down a couple notches later. They fuck in the kitchen, and mostly with Kayden on a chair taking different sex positions in it. It was very good.

Home Wrecker 2 - Vicki Chase, Charles DeraVicki Chase, Charles Dera 
We have Vicki coming back and getting it on with Charles who was helping himself using her picture. There’s not a lot of dialogue before we have this couple touching and giving oral to each other. Vicki was amazing as usual with great movements on top of Charles. They were very passionate, and sex was very entertaining.
Summing up:
In Home Wrecker 2 from Digital Playground and director Robby D., sex was more entertaining than the plot of the movie, contrary to the previous installment. In the previous installment the plot of the movie was great, and sex was awesome (especially from Selena and Vicki), in Home Wrecker 2 the plot was okay, but the sex was very entertaining and passionate.

My favorite scenes were with Charles and Vicki, Nacho and Kayden, and Holli with Erik. If I had to choose one of those 3 scenes I’d say Nacho and Kayden. As I said before, sex was very passionate, the girls were sizzling hot as always, and the guys did a terrific job. Sadly, I got this movie looking for a great plot to continue the original story, and that plot didn’t exist. The plot was just okay, and it’s on the shoulders of Nacho, Erik and Kayden, the rest of the cast involved are secondary characters.

3 Reasons to Watch Home Wrecker 2:
* You’re going to have some laughs with the brief plot of this movie.
* Passionate sex scenes from each one of the performers.
* Fans of Nacho Vidal, Erik Everhard and Kayden Kross don’t want to miss this movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Very Good Movie.


This was Digital Playground‘s Home Wrecker 2 Movie Review.  You can find more titles from Digital Playground here.

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