Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros Put Up A Huge Fight!

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - FronCoverHeartbreaker VS Obscura Lesbian Superheros - Back Cover
Title: Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros.
Talent: Anikka Albrite, Lily Cade, Darcie Dolce, Ela Darling, Paris Lincoln, Kelsey Obsession, Verta.
Studio: Severe Sex.
Director: Lily Cade.
Extras: Behind the Scenes (2+ min.), Photo Gallery (18+ min.).
Duration: 2 Hrs. 59 Min.

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Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros from Severe Sex and director Lily Cade is a movie trying to come up with new superheroes for the lesbian world. (Watch the free trailer here!). Lily is taking the role of Heartbreaker a superhero that posses complete mind control over women and can make them do whatever she pleases. Ice Queen (Ela Darling) posses the power to freeze their enemies for 30 seconds. Spex (Kameltoe) can use x-ray vision to help and of course, the super villain Obscura (Anikka Albrite).

I hope the story is a little entertaining and the special FX are good enough to convince me the movie is about superheroes. Kelsey Obsession, Darcie Dolce, Paris Lincoln and Verta get secondary characters (love interest, evil minions and reporter respectively). Should you buy Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros? or should you rent Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros? Let’s find out with this movie review!

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros description:
“Heartbreaker can make any woman do whatever she wants, but her superpower has become a burden. She’s hung it up. She don’t break hearts no more. But when super-villain Obscura tries to kidnap Heartbreaker’s old partner Ice Queen – but mistakenly captures her girlfriend instead – Ice Queen convinces Heartbreaker to take on one last job. Together with x-ray visionary Spex, they set out to storm Obscura’s fortress, guarded by 40 pairs of bionic stepsisters. So begins a journey reprete with danger (and lots of kinky, hot lesbian superhero sex!)”

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - Ela Darling, Kelsey ObsessionEla Darling, Kelsey Obsession
There’s a brief explanation about the singular superheroes and then, we find out the girls are playing BDSM and Kelsey is spanking Ela really hard in the booty! Kelsey makes Ela eat her pussy while Ela’s still tied up and then, she’s briefly lose to receive pussy fingering. The Ice Queen is tied up to bed and Kelsey uses spurs on Ela’s body and gags her; Kelsey sits on Ela’s face to get her pussy fingered and eaten. Very hot!

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - Anikka Albrite, Kelsey ObsessionAnikka Albrite, Kelsey Obsession
Sizzling hot Obscura (Anikka) decides to play with her little prisoner Kelsey and she plays the femdom role nicely! She flogs poor submissive Kelsey and then, she uses sharp BDSM toys to scratch her body. Kelsey gets her back flogged and her pussy and ass eaten from behind then, Anikka fingers her sub’s pussy with a lot of intensity. Obscura gets her tits, ass and pussy sucked by her sub.


Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - Darcie Dolce, Lily Cade, Paris LincolnDarcie Dolce, Lily Cade, Paris Lincoln
Obscura’s sizzling minions (Darcie and Paris) fall easily under Heartbreaker’s spell! Lily uses a strap-on and fucks Paris with it while Paris sucks Darcie’s yummy tits! Lily rams Darcie’s pussy when given the chance and slaps the girls in the ass and tits when she feels like it! The interaction in this lesbian threesome is really hot, nobody is pushed aside! They use Paris as a sub briefly, but Lily always rams pussy!!

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - Lily Cade, Anikka AlbriteLily Cade, Anikka Albrite
They face to face between Obscura and Heartbreaker is way more fun than I was expecting. The face to face gets Lily flogged and they continue struggling with each other till things heat up and they end up almost ripping each other’s clothes and eating each other’s pussy and ass! The action was very entertaining and arousing, it was like a battle for destroying each other’s pussy, but there’s only one winner.


Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros - Ela Darling, Lily CadeEla Darling, Lily Cade
If you stayed after the credits you’re getting the bonus scene featuring Ice Queen and Heartbreaker. There’s some dialogue to find out the reason of this scene. Lily plays a dominant role and she spanks Ela’s ass really hard! Lily eats Ela’s pussy and fingers her mouth (not sure why). Ela gives a BJ to Lily’s pussy (there’s a message across the screen too). The girls play harsh with each other’s pussy and even squirt!

Summing up:
Heartbreaker Vs Obscura: Lesbian Superheroes from Severe Sex and director Lily Cade rocked my world! I was expecting something within the lines of Kick Azz XXX (low budget, senseless to no story, but terrific sex and girls), but I was completely blown away with everything they did on a low budget! The story was kinda rushed with a good amount of dialogue and it made sense (unlike other superhero parodies from big companies); the special FX were not top notch, but they didn’t rely on them to make the movie fun.

The dialogue was decent, acting was very good, the direction was great, edition worked great, music was spot on, sex was sizzling hot, and there’s a lot of BDSM action that matches perfectly with the plot of the movie! Fantastic job guys!

Heartbreaker Vs Obscura: Lesbian Superheroes is definitely a movie that you want in your porn collection if you’re into lesbian sex & soft BDSM!

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros Cons:
* The last scene was not a worthy part of the plot. Everything before the credits ended was awesome. Sex was great in the last scene, but Heartbreaker already won. It felt egocentric to end it like this.

Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros Pros:
* The cast did a great job acting, especially Lily and Anikka, they were completely in character!
* The short plot of the movie worked great, Spex was a nice comic relief.
* Lesbian sex showdown between Anikka and Lily was awesome, so was the threesome!
* Darcie Dolce is sizzling hot, I wanted to watch more from her.
* The first couple of scenes have great soft lesbian BDSM!
* You can watch it with the Adult Empire Unlimited program with 40,000+ more movies for the same price!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Buy Heartbreaker VS Obscura: Lesbian Superheros.



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