Cuckold Husbands Rock in “Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6”

Cuckold Stories 6 - Front CoverCuckold Stories 6 - Back Cover
Title: Cuckold Stories 6.
Talent: Casey Cumz, India Summer, Katie Summers, Shane Diesel, Lia Lor, Slut Bottom Chris, Jimmy Broadway.
Studio: Digital Sin.
Director: Paul Woodcrest.
Extras: 2 Bonus Scenes, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Pick Your Pleasure, Trailers.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 20 Min.


After watching an average movie in the previous installment (Cuckold Stories 5), I’m hoping this time, the movie from director Paul Woodcrest and Digital Sin can make a nice comeback with hot content for cuckold fans. In Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6 we have Shane Diesel back with his huge dong, plus there are four beautiful girls ready to please us visually.

Here’s the information we have on Cuckold Stories 6:
“Do not fear, because the Diesel is here! Get ready for Katie Summers, Lia Lor, India Summer, and Casey Cumz as they take on Shane’s monster cock… while their hubbies get to watch! Four cuckold stories are about to unfold, and they all include a sad husband, a happy wife, and a huge black cock!”

The cuckolds in this movie are Slut Bottom Chris and Jimmy Broadway, and if they do a nice work in this movie, it’s very possible that we get a winner in this installment. The previous movie was good, but I’m really hoping this movie can beat that one easily. Here’s the Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6 movie review:

Cuckold Stories 6 - Casey Cumz, Shane DieselCasey Cumz, Shane Diesel, Jimmy Broadway
Jimmy starts the scene (and the movie), explaining why he’s into cuckolding with his current friend Casey. While the camera is focused on him, you can listen to all the moaning happening by his side, and from time to time something hilarious would happen. Sex with Casey and Shane is kinky, and Jimmy gets humiliated like a real cuckold. Great!!

Cuckold Stories 6 - Lia Lor, Shane DieselLia Lor, Shane Diesel, Slut Bottom Chris
After a lot of hard work from Chris (where Lia didn’t feel anything), Shane gets called to bring his huge cock for some action. She starts giving him a handjob, and that’s where Chris’ humiliation begins. Lia compares penis sizes, laughs her ass off, and later Shane goes down on her while Chris licks her feet. Pounding was great!!

Cuckold Stories 6 - Katie Summers, Shane DieselKatie Summers, Shane Diesel, Jimmy Broadway
Jimmy brings Shane Diesel home and Katie receives him with a huge smile. The beautiful blonde gives Shane a nice BJ while Jimmy watches at distance. Shane goes down on her, thrusts her, and Jimmy is only an spectator here. Jimmy wasn’t as active in this scene as he was in the first one, not sure why. Looked like he wasn’t enjoying cuckolding here.

Cuckold Stories 6 - India Summer, Shane DieselIndia Summer, Shane Diesel, Slut Bottom Chris
India is a very kinky wife that wants to practice soft bondage on poor Slut Bottom Chris. She gags him and cuffs him. Shane ends up whipping Chris’ bottom for a while. Later, Shane goes down on the attractive girl. India was the only girl who received Shane very deep. Chris didn’t participate much. Great!
Summing up:
Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6 from Digital Sin is a movie with 4 beautiful girls that are definitely going to get your attention. They do a very nice job, and my favorite ones were Lia and India. Casey and Katie did great, but their scenes weren’t as funny as the other scenes.

Casey Cumz and Shane appear to enjoy sex the best way possible while Jimmy Broadway is by their side getting very close to Shane’s huge cock, and by licking “his wife’s pussy” after she was thrust by Shane, there are a lot of kinky moments, and Jimmy gets to lick pussy.

Chris was hilarious in the second scene of the movie with Shane and Lia Lor. Chris tries really hard to pound “his wife”, but Lia keeps asking him “is it in?.” Again, the pounding from Shane to Lia was great, and there’s a lot of kinky moments with Chris who really gets humiliated.

In the third scene I felt Jimmy was tired, or bored, or I don’t know but he wasn’t as active, and I think in this kind of movies, the cuckolds are the real stars (or at least it’s team work, and everybody needs to be happy during the scenes). He didn’t interact much with Katie, and the scene was slow, but at the end Katie almost gets creampied.

In the last scene of the movie Chris is a submissive, so he only gets attention to the beginning of the scene. However, India makes a terrific job taking all of Shane’s dick like nothing happens, so they share fantastic moments in front of a gagged Chris.

I’m not really sure how Slut Bottom Chris and Jimmy Broadway manage to get this humiliated in front of the camera during most of the scenes, but they sure deserve an award of some sort for putting up with that crap, lol. No, but seriously, they are terrific playing the cuckold, and even though Jimmy wasn’t as active in his last scene here, they still did a fantastic job, thanks guys!!

Cuckold Stories 6 definitely did much, much better than the previous installment. There are great moments where the trio in each scene make you laugh, and get you aroused. This is definitely the type of movie I like to recommend to people. You don’t want to miss this movie!!

3 Reasons to Watch Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6:
* India Summer was fantastic taking Shane inside of her!
* Slut Bottom Chris and Jimmy Broadway are two fantastic cuckolds that keep us entertained!
* Shane Diesel did great in every scene of the movie!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Awesome Movie.

This was Digital Sin‘s Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 6 Movie Review. You can find more titles from Digital Sin here.

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