Cibelle Mancinni in Miss Big Ass Brazil 10

Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Front Cover Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Back Cover
Title: Miss Big Ass Brazil 10.
Talent: Bianca Mattos, Cibelle Mancini, Erika Dellavechia, Lysa Liu.
Studio: Third World Media.
Director: Ed Hunter.
Extras: Shot in HD.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 36 Min.
Tags: Straight, Latinas Porn, Anal Porn, Foreign Porn, Big Ass Porn, Third World Media, Third World Media Porn, Bianca Mattos, Cibelle Mancini, Erika Dellavechia, Lysa Liu, Ed Hunter.


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This is the first installment we get to review from this series: Miss Big Ass Brazil 10. We have never reviewed a movie from Third World Media that’s about Brazilian girls, so we’re very excited to review this movie with a beautiful lady like Cibelle Mancini on the cover. I’m watching more movies from Third World Media lately, and I haven’t find anything that pleases me entirely, I’m hoping this movie could be the one to get an awesome rating for them!

Here’s the information we have on Miss Big Ass Brazil 10:
“Big fat bubble asses fuck cock better! There is no question about that fact; and it holds even more true in the country of Brazil, where fat bottomed girls reign supreme. Anal sex is the norm, and Brazilian asses are well equipped to handle the challenge. The bigger the ass, the hornier the girl!”

It’s pretty cool they promised that anal sex is a must have in every scene of this movie. I’m hoping the anal action is great combined with those Brazilian movements these girls usually have. So, I think it’s already time to start with the Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 movie review:

Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Cibelle ManciniCibelle Mancini 
Cibelle is a curvy woman, and some guys would say she’s on the chuky side, but for me she looks great! She undresses slowly and then, we have oral sex on screen, including a rim job. Cibelle takes it first on doggy style, and she remains in that position for a while. Later she goes for cowgirl and rides him nicely. She goes for anal for quite some time. Good.

Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Bianca MattosBianca Mattos
Bianca Mattos gets back home and she finds her dude sleeping. She gets naked and gets him naked. Soon enough she’s sucking his dick with grace. He licks her pussy and the thrusting begins. Some positions are reverse cowgirl, cowgirl (I loved her on cowgirl), spooning, etc. Bianca doesn’t show a lot of moves, and she’s more into getting pounded.

Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Lysa LiuLysa Liu
Apparently, Lysa wanted to seduce our guy, but turns out she got lazy, and she’s like: “maybe we should just start fucking”. Now the good thing about Lysa is that she’s got some great moves. Unfortunately, after showing her great movements, Lysa gets tired half way, and decides to get pounded for the rest of the scene. She doesn’t go for anal.


Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 - Erika DellavechiaErika Dellavechia
This scene is different because Erika doesn’t start sucking our dude’s cock, she starts getting her pussy licked instead. She gets fucked in doggy style for quite some time, and then, she lays on her back to keep getting fucked. She rides our guy, but she’s just too slow. I’m not sure why isn’t she more energetic. She goes for anal sex though. Good!!

Summing up:
Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 from Third World Media is an acceptable movie with cute Brazilian girls, but again, I didn’t find anything to exciting about these girls. The thing is, I’m used to watch Brazilian girls move like crazy while they’re fucking a dude (especially with their buttholes), but in this movie pretty much all the girls were too slow.

After their scene is over, Cibelle, Bianca, Erika and Lysa end up their scenes by taking a shower. You can watch them doing it, and once they’re done with the shower, you can watch them get dressed again and ready to go out. Bianca Mattos goes for anal sex, but the anal action is so brief that I decided to no mention it on the scene description.

Overall, Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 left me waiting for naughtier girls, and naughtier sex. The girls were too slow while fucking our dude, and the girl who does a better job at fucking this guy was Lysa. This movie from Third World Media is a rental.

2 Reasons to Watch Miss Big Ass Brazil 10:
* The first reason that comes to mind is “anal sex”. 3 out of 4 girls had it.
* Cibelle Mancinni’s ass.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Good Movie.


This was Third World Media‘s Miss Big Ass Brazil 10 Movie Review. You can find more titles from Third World Media here.

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