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Big Girls Are Sexy 5 Porn Review

Talent: Daisy Gomez, Kamille Amora, Lexy Bandera, Ariel Blue, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, James Deen. 
New Sensations. 
Eddie Powell
Extras: Behind the Scenes (22+ min.), 2 Bonus Scenes: Isabella Fox with Xander Corvus (28+ min.) and Lily Lovely with Mick Blue (29+ min.), Photo Gallery (2 min.), Pick Your Pleasure, 3 Trailers, Spam.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 04 Min.

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Big Girls Are Sexy 5 from New Sensations and director Eddie Powell is bringing back the series that started years ago with gorgeous (big girl back then) Siri! (Watch the Trailer Here!)

This time there’s a hot Latina: Daisy Gomez and this is her very first sex scene ever (check out the BTS footage!). There are other curvy babes on board like Lexy Bandera, Ariel Blue and Kamille Amora. Let’s check out if this flick is worth your time and bucks if you’re into heavier, curvy girls!

Here’s the description of Big Girls Are Sexy 5:
“The bigger they are, the harder they fuck! Kamille Amora, Daisy Gomez, Ariel Blue and Lexy Bandera are big, thick and totally sexy. For over 2 hours, watch these babes blow you away with their epic curves and insatiable appetite for cock.”

Daisy Gomez, Mick Blue

Big Girls Are Sexy 5 - Daisy Gomez, Mick Blue

Sexy debutante Daisy gives a slow, sensual tease in black lingerie and she does a great job for the camera. I think Daisy is very curvy and meaty but I don’t think she’s a big girl; she’s got nice tetas and a big, yummy booty, and she enjoys a lot teasing us! Mick shows up and he’s very excited to play with her, and he eats her bald pussy nicely.

Daisy gives him a fine blowjob and tit-fucks him before he thrusts her pussy for the first time while spooning. They also fuck in other positions like missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl (yummy booty and hot moves), 69 and missionary before he creams her mouth!

Kamille Amora, James Deen

Big Girls Are Sexy 5 - Kamille Amora, James Deen

Heavy yet, very busty redhead Kamille makes James look tiny when he’s fondling her body and huge boobs! He plays with the cover girl's tetas for a while, oils them up and plays with her pussy. She gives him a very enthusiastic blowjob and titty-fucks him before he thrusts her pussy for the first time in doggy position.

Kamille gets quite a pussy pumping in reverse cowgirl, and they go for more doggy and titty-fucking. She also gets her pussy pumped in cowgirl position and the screws before getting her big facial!

Willy Milano

Half movie and so far, so good, but I don't think Daisy was a big girl...

Ariel Blue, Mr. Pete

Big Girls Are Sexy 5 - Ariel Blue, Mr. Pete

Pervy Mr. Pete is getting a sexy show from beautiful redhead Ariel and she enjoys teasing him with her sexy curves (I don’t think she’s big, she’s curvy!). She jerks off intensely while he chokes her gently at the same time; he fingers her pussy and then, she gives him a very enthusiastic blowjob.

Ariel gets in doggy style and he thrusts her pussy while we get to watch her yummy booty! Ariel gets her pussy fucked intensely in missionary position and other positions like cowgirl (that butt!), more doggy style, spooning, and the screws before he jizzes her face nicely.

Lexy Bandera, Mick Blue

Big Girls Are Sexy 5 - Lexy Bandera, Mick Blue

Mick got a free pass and he’s going to use it with sexy Lexy another Latina who’s also not chunky or big, she’s actually thinner than the rest of the cast. They get all handsy and kissy and she quickly gets on her knees to give him head, and lets him fuck her mouth!

Lexy takes quite a nice pussy humping in doggy style position for a long time and then, she rides his dick in cowgirl position to show her kinky moves! The couple also fuck while spooning and missionary before Mick squirts his seed all over her pretty face!


Big Girls Are Sexy 5 from New Sensations and director Eddie Powell is a movie that could let down a bunch of people, especially fans of actual big girls. I think that only one of the girls in this movie was chunky (I’ve seen chunkier girls in movies trying to appeal "big ass fans!") and the rest could feel offended to appear in a “big girls” flick when they’re not actually big.

I really enjoyed the sex and I think the girls are very pretty, and very enthusiastic while fucking. However, since this is supposed to be a movie for fans of big girls, I think the movie didn’t deliver and it's only a "recommended flick."

I don't think Daisy, Ariel nor Lexi were big girls... o.O
The movie was joyful and arousing but it's only a recommended flick because this was supposed to be a "big girls movie!"

Willy Milano


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