Believe It Or Not: “Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled”

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Front Cover Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Back Cover
Title: Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled.
Talent: Allie Haze, Dana DeArmond, Kimberly Kane, Nyomi Banxxx, Skin Diamond, Jon Jon, Julius Ceazher, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus, Prince Yahshua.
Studio: Vivid.
Director: Kimberly Kane.
Extras: Bonus Scenes, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Chapter Search, Previews
Duration: 2 Hrs. 30 Min.


Allie Haze has been a very popular porn performer for a long, long time now. She’s been in porn blockbusters like Star Wars XXX and FIfty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation, but Allie is a very naughty girl, and I think she’s gonna prove it in this movie from Vivid Pictures: Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled. There’s a curious fact about this movie, the director is beautiful Kimberly Kane, so I’m expecting this movie to be quite a new experience!

Here’s the information we have on Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled:
“Allie Haze is filled with dark fantasies and Kimberly Kane loves that! So, she paired Allie with the biggest, blackest actors in porn in this technicolor orgy of interracial eroticism. While masturbating, Allie unknowingly flips through channels on her T.V. and gets sucked into the scenarios on her screen, no matter how perverse or extreme! Porn is the ultimate reality entertainment and you are now watching Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled!”

As I was preparing the review, I noticed the music at the beginning titles. In all honesty, the music at the introduction of the movie was awesome, and that’s a different start for a porn movie. I’ve seen lots of pornos and I don’t recall a movie with an introduction like Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled. Also, I have to say that Allie Haze looks terrific during the initial titles, even though they’re very brief. Well, here’s the Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled movie review:

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Allie Haze, Jon Jon, Julius CeazherAllie Haze, Jon Jon, Julius Ceazher 
Allie opens right away and ready to start pleasing and getting pleased by Jon Jon and Julius. While she sucks Jon Jon on all 4s, Julius takes care of licking her pussy, and he’s the first one to thrust her. The action is very intense, and the guys take turns at Allie’s pussy and mouth. Allie was able to put up with both guys nicely. She was awesome in this 3way!!!

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Dana DeArmond, Skin DiamondDana DeArmond, Skin Diamond 
Beautiful Skin Diamond is playing a submissive partner of stunning hottie Dana, Skin was possibly kidnapped, (yeah, my mind took me there ‘cause of the dialogue). Both girls work perfectly during a sizzling hot lesbian tease in which Dana dominates. These girls were perfect on screen, and I couldn’t stop paying attention. Sex was simply great!!

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Allie Haze, Nyomi Banxxx, Mr. MarcusAllie Haze, Nyomi Banxxx, Mr. Marcus 
Allie is in another sandwich, but this time she’s with a male/female couple played by Mr. Marcus and hot Nyomi!! She forces Allie to suck Marcus’ cock and then, she’s also forced to take a pounding (everything happening in an elevator so far. Nyomi gets really wet while fucking Marcus. There wasn’t a lot of interaction between girls, but still hot!!

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Kimberly Kane, Prince YahshuaKimberly Kane, Prince Yahshua 
Robbers Kimberly and Prince get inside a house to rob, but she gets horny and they started making out. The owner of the house walks on them and they ended up tying him up. They let him watch while they fuck, cool! Yahshua pounds her in a great way. Kimberly looked great in doggy style position, and she goes for anal!! Poor prisoner got horny!!

Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled - Allie Haze, Lexington SteeleAllie Haze, Lexington Steele 
Allie was craving a big black cock, so she ditches her first date with Ralph Long, and instead gets Lexington. They take the sex nice and slow, and they seem to enjoy it a lot. Later in the scene, Lexington can’t help it and he starts pounding the beautiful white girl. I was expecting anal sex, or something kinky and hotter ‘cause it was the last scene, but nope.

Summing up:
Allie Haze Has Been Blackmaled from Vivid and director Kimberly Kane is a great movie that’s going to keep you very entertained, and even much more if you’re into interracial sex. The first threesome of the movie was very hot, and Allie was very active, she doesn’t stop until the guys cum!!

Dana rocked the way she dominated Skin on the lesbian sex scene of the movie. There’s was a lot of kinky foreplay before Dana used a strap on to fuck Skin on doggy style. This scene was so hot, that I couldn’t stop watching it, thus I didn’t pay attention to my wife, of course that translated into “sofa time” later for me that night.

The threesome with Mr. Marcus, Nyomi and Allie actually moved from the elevator to what looked like an office, (or at least a lobby), so yeah, there’s some office sex here. The thing here is, that I didn’t see Nyomi really interested in licking pussy, or kissing Allie in the mouth. Allie on the other hand, always found some moments to lick Nyomi’s pussy. Still, it was a very hot threesome!!

Kimberly and Prince Yahshua performed a very unusual sex scene (at least for me), robbers who had the fetish of being watched while fucking. I liked the short plot of this scene, and on top of that, I loved that Kimberly went the extra mile, and gave us anal sex in her scene with Prince Yahshua!!

Allie Haze and Lexington Steele teamed up again after filming Star Wars XXX, and they did a great job. Since this was the last scene I was expecting something really kinky, but nothing happened. Still the sex was very good and Allie looked very beautiful.

Allie Haze Has Been Blackmaled is a very entertaining movie and it has great interracial scenes, and they have variety: lesbian, 2 guy 1 girl threesome, 2 girls 1 guy threesome, anal sex, etc. I have to say that Allie Haze was great here as well as the rest of the cast. Kimberly Kane did a great job behind the camera, I just found some minor troubles especially in the first scene, there was a lot of edition and the scene didn’t flow as natural at times, but nothing really bad. This is an awesome movie!!

3 Reasons to Watch Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled:
* Allie Haze alone should be a great reason to get this DVD (or VOD).
* The lesbian scene with Dana DeArmond and Skin Diamond was simply terrific!!
* The anal sex provided by Kimberly Kane added a lot of variety to this movie.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Awesome Movie.


This was Vivid‘s Allie Haze’s Been Blackmaled Movie Review. You can find more titles from Vivid here.

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