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Being Bad - Front CoverBeing Bad - Back Cover
Title: Being Bad.
Talent: Aleska Nicole, Katie St. Ives, Melina Mason, Jordan Ash.
DVD Only: Ariella Ferrera, Charli Shiin, Emma Leigh, Tia Layne, Bruce Williams, Cody Sky.
Studio: Brazzers.
Director: N/A.
Extras: 2 Bonus Scenes: Ariella Ferrera, Charli Shiin & Cody Sky, and Emma Leigh, Tia Layne and Bruce Williams, Cumshot Recap (7+ min.), Photo Gallery (5 min.) 4 Trailers, Spam.
Duration: 1 Hr. 37 Min.
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Being Bad is a porn parody produced by Brazzers, and it’s a parody of the smash series from AMC: Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston. The main character of Being Bad is Walter Whitecock (Jordan Ash), and he’s gonna cook boner pills in this version with his wingman Stinkman.

I’m confused of the content of this movie, I’m not sure if they’re gonna make a parody of the entire series, or a parody of the first season only. I think watching the movie is a great way to find out. Here’s my adult movie review of Being Bad:

Being Bad description:
“Episode 1 – Walter Whitecock gets suspended from teaching at school after a student makes false accusations about him. Frustrated, Walter turns to one of his old students, Jessy Stinkman, to produce ‘boner pills’ for some quick cash!

“Episode 2 – What are Mr. Whitecock and his partner cookin’ in their desert RV? Their blue boner pills are getting them a lot of attention, the kind of heat that leaves them stranded in the desert.

“Episode 3 – Ever since he made a fortune with his top of the line boner pills, Mr. Whitecock has been living the high life. He can fuck all day and all night, but the only problem he has now is finding a chick who can keep up.”

Being Bad - Katie St. Ives, Jordan AshKatie St. Ives, Jordan Ash Rating 4
Mr. Whitecock needs to know if his boner pills are going to work, so by Stinkman’s advice he goes to beautiful Katie. They talk briefly and she gets on her knees to blow the chemist ex-teacher. Fucking is very good, I loved Katie in doggy style when she was leaning against the bookshelves.

Being Bad - Aleksa Nicole, Jordan AshAleksa Nicole, Jordan Ash Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
Mr. Whitecock and Stinkman get in trouble when they were in the desert, so they need help. Aleksa shows up to help them, after she gets paid in cash, she notices Whitecock’s package and asks for a bonus. Sex is outdoors in the desert and it was very hot, what made it sizzling hot? Anal fucking!!

Being Bad - Melina Mason, Jordan AshMelina Mason, Jordan Ash Rating 4
Poor Mr. Whitecock is going crazy, and no sluts can get his cock tamed. Melina tries to tame his cock with her pussy, so she takes quite a pounding. I loved her bubbly ass in all the different positions she took, especially doggy and cowgirl. She doesn’t do anal, but you have to appreciate her energy!
Summing up: 
Being Bad from Brazzers is an okay parody to be honest. The movie is a porn parody of the first season of Breaking Bad, but then, it adds its own twists from the original version, and you’re gonna end up with a final that you’re definitely not expecting.

You have to appreciate the degree of parody they tried to achieve by renting an RV, filming in the desert and renting fancy rooms to film the success of Mr. Whitecock and his boner pills.

“The movie is very short, and it definitely doesn’t follow entirely the format of Breaking Bad.”

The bonus materials include 2 threesome scenes, and I think that’s a nice plus if you’re into FFM threesomes. Aleksa Nicole takes the crown with hot anal sex pounding!

Overall, Being Bad is an okay porn parody mostly because of sex and some features showed here like the RV. It’s not an exact parody of Breaking Bad, they changed it their own way, including the final. The girls are beautiful and sex is very intense. Nice rental.

Reasons to Watch Being Bad:
* It was nice watching Jordan Ash as the main character.
* Aleksa Nicole anal sex scene.
* Some parody features were good, like filming in the desert with an RV.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Good Movie.
Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg Rating-Boobs.jpg


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