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Title: The Bartender.
Talent: Ana Foxxx, Cassandra Nix, Gracie Glam, Juelz Ventura, Maddy O’Reilly, Anthony Rosano, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Deen, Rico Strong, Rocco Reed, Xander Corvus.
Non-Sex Performers: Coco Velvett, Kimber Lace, Lola Foxx, Madelyn Monroe, Chris Cock, Eric Camden.
Studio: Smash Pictures.
Director: Jim Powers.
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Choose Between Story or All Sex, Trailers.
Duration: 1 Hr. 43 Min.


Here we are with another movie from Smash Pictures, a movie that got a lot of buzz in the industry because it was realistic and a lot of fun: The Bartender. I haven’t watch it yet, but I can tell you that Smash Pictures usually makes great porn, and I think this movie could live up to my expectations.

Here’s the information we have on The Bartender:
“Everybody has a sexual tale that has occurred at a bar. We chose 5 woman to relive and re-enact their real life experiences for us. Cassandra Nix tells us of the young salesman she fucked in the bar she worked at after hours and would fill her pussy with dripping creampies.

Maddy O’Reilly brags of the time she kept spreading her legs & flashing the bartender, till she got her way and rode his cock on top of the bar. Gracie Glam enters the bar and removes her wedding ring next to her drink after learning her hubby cheated on her, the comforting bartender helps her through the break up with a stiff dick for support.

Ana Foxxx once snuck behind the bar and blew a bartender while he continued to serve drinks. Before moving to L.A, Juelz Ventura worked at a small town bar and still loves telling the story of the customer who stayed till closing so she could get off.”

I have already watched the behind the scenes footage and I have to say the female cast of this movie is very attractive and I ‘m looking forward to watch it. The interesting part of this movie is that is based on real stories from these girls, and they tell us the story and later re-enact it, that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Here’s The Bartender movie review:

The Bartender - Maddy O'Reilly, Bill BaileyMaddy O’Reilly, Bill Bailey 
Maddy is a super hot girl! She starts with her story and that take us to the re-enactment. Maddy gets horny after watching another couple fondling while she was doing a lot of shots and partying with her friends and the bartender. She lays on the bar where he licks her pussy, and then, the hot sex starts. Maddy is definitely a girl I want to follow!!

The Bartender - Gracie Glam, Anthony RosanoGracie Glam, Anthony Rosano 
Gracie tells her story. It’s about a crappy relationship in which she was involved and she was looking for a way to feel free. She’s stuck alone in the bar, and that’s where this bartender starts making her feel better until her panties are off. Anthony goes down on her and she returns the favor. Sex is very hot as usual with these 2 performers. Awesome!

The Bartender - Cassandra Nix, Xander CorvusCassandra Nix, Xander Corvus 
Cassandra used to be a bartender and she talks about this guy who was very cute and a very good tipper. She was closing down the place with another bartender when this happened. She starts by giving him a very wet blowjob. So far, this sex scene was the most intense of the movie, with Xander’s finger up her butt plus Cassandra gets creampied!!

The Bartender - Ana Foxxx, Rico StrongAna Foxxx, Rico Strong 
Beautiful Ana Foxxx tells behind the scenes that she was kinda nerdy and not very wild before porn. Once you realize that, you’re going to notice her bartender story checks. She tells the time she decided to go a little wild, flirt with the bartender and give him a blowjob behind the bar while he’s still bartending. This scene was hilarious because of Rico.

The Bartender - Juelz Ventura, Rocco ReedJuelz Ventura, Rocco Reed 
Juelz used to work in a bar and she had this guy in a business suit always coming to her shifts, he’d bring flowers, talk, and leave. One day he caught her in a good mood. The re-enactment didn’t match her story, another bad thing was the volume of Rocco’s voice (you can barely hear him). As for sex, it was okay. Oral, some great movements from her.
Summing up:

The Bartender from Smash Pictures is an interesting movie with real alcohol use in the movie, fun sequences, and very cute girls. The first scenes were awesome with great sex and engaging stories.
The first scene was awesome with that unknown horny couple in the background with lots of caresses and some fingering while Maddy was getting it on with Bill. Of course they walk away instead of having a foursome there, but it was a great start for a great sex scene.

I wanted to see much more from Ana Foxxx, even though the scene was hilarious (thanks to Rico). Ana just took her top off and was behind the bar blowing Rico. Sadly, we didn’t get to watch Ana’s sex movements because there was no penetration. I’m looking forward to get a movie soon in which I can watch her sex skills.

You’re going to find pretty exciting stuff in the behind the scenes footage. If you wondering what, well, let’s say one of these girls was married to a pro-baseball player, and she found out he was cheating on her, and filming the entire thing! The behind the scenes footage is almost 38 minutes long and it includes a masturbation scene from each one of the girls after their interview.

Overall, I have to say the movie started very fresh and exciting and the last couple of scenes were a little down from where the movie was taking us. I’m not saying the scenes were bad, but they were more simple. The girls in this movie are very, very cute, and I was interested in finding out more from Maddy O’Reilly and Ana Foxxx. I recommend you to check The Bartender, it’s a very good movie!!

3 Reasons to Watch The Bartender:
* Maddy O’Reilly’s scene was very hot in every aspect, and she was sizzling hot!
* Gracie Glam’s scene was also very arousing and emotional at certain points.
* The behind the scenes footage is very entertaining and fun!

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Very Good Movie.

This was Smash Pictures’ The Bartender Movie Review. You can find more titles from Smash Pictures here.

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