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AJ Applegate & Melody Jordan in “Lesbian Stepsisters 4”

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Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - Front Cover Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - Back Cover
Title: Lesbian Stepsisters 4.
Talent: AJ Applegate, Melody Jordan, Alaina Fox, Aurielee Summers, Charley Monroe, Lexi Gray, Raven Rockette, Riley Madison.
Studio: Filly Films.
Director: N/A.
Extras: Teasers, Trailers, Gallery.
Duration: 2 Hrs. 02 Min.

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This is my first review ever from porn company Filly Films, and I was waiting for them to have a title that could capture my entire attention, and also my wife’s attention. After browsing through different titles from this company we agreed that we wanted to watch Lesbian Stepsisters 4, my main reason: “Melody Jordan looks fantastic on the cover”, my wife’s reason: “the cast looks hot.”

Here’s the information we have on Lesbian Stepsisters 4:
“There’s just something special about step-sisters. Find out what it is. You won’t be disappointed.”

I certainly don’t have my hopes up, I’m not familiar with the company, so I don’t know if they work a plot, short vignettes, or just go straight to sex. Also, I want to add that I’ve heard fantastic things from Raven Rockette, so let’s see if she’s a great performer. Anyway, I don’t have a lot more to add, so here’s the Lesbian Stepsisters 4 movie review:

Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - Aurilee Summers, Alaina FoxAurilee Summers, Alaina Fox Rating 4
Aurilee is listening to music when Alaina shows up all concerned about a job Aurilee has to do. However, Aurilee has other plans, and she starts seducing her step sister who at first resist a lot about having lesbian sex. Aurilee is a very playful girl, they both look great, and sex included a lot of pussy eating, and 69. Aurilee’s ass, wow!!

Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - AJ Applegate, Melody JordanAJ Applegate, Melody Jordan Rating 4
The step sisters are catching up on the Jacuzzi after a long time apart. AJ comes onto stunning Melody Jordan, AJ really wants to get it on with Melody, so she makes her move and it was hot. The girls share a hot kiss, AJ licks Melody’s boobs, and pussy, and then, they move indoors where they keep going. The girls did a terrific job, and they looked fantastic!

Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - Charley Monroe, MadisonCharley Monroe, Madison Rating 4
Madison is just chilling on the couch when Charley shows up showing some stuff she got from her sugar daddy. Charley wants to experiment with girl, so she hits on Madison, and Madison freaks out seriously ‘cause they’re “stepsisters”. Charley finally convinces her hot “sister” with a massage and lots of great oral sex. The scene was overall very good.

Lesbian Stepsisters 4 - Raven Rockette, Lexi Gray, Riley MadisonRaven Rockette, Lexi Gray, Riley Madison Rating-Boobs-5.jpg
Riley Madison is going through Lexi’s stuff and finds some dildos she wants to show to her stepsister Raven. When they’re checking the dildos Lexi catches them and gets pissed. Next, Lexi forces the stepsisters to make out as a form of punishment, and that’ how sex unleashes in the scene. It was sizzling hot, and very natural! Hot girls!!
Summing up:
Lesbian Stepsisters 4 from Filly Films is a movie that kept us entertained with the good sex and the stunning female cast. The movie doesn’t have a long plot, it’s formed by short vignettes. In every scene there’s a different short plot involving stepsisters making out and having sex.

Several girls in this movie have a bubbly, yummy ass, and I appreciate that when there’s pussy licking in doggy style. Melody Jordan was the only girl that went for ass-licking in this movie (at least the only one I noticed). The final threesome was sizzling hot with sex toys playing a brief part, but most importantly, with the girls eating pussy non-stop, no girl was left aside!!

I think the only suggestion I have right now for Filly Films is “don’t make the girls say they’re not sisters in reality.” I know my share of perverts that enjoy a movie when they think the performers are sisters, or mother/daughter, etc. so, when you tell right away they lose interest.

You can show the girls saying they’re actually not related by the final credits of the movie, but showing the girls clearing that up right before (or right after) the sex scene, pops a pervert’s imagination badly, I know how they react once I tell them those girls with a Mother/Daughter title in their movie, are not actually related. That said I have to say this is a very good movie!

3 Reasons to Watch Lesbian Stepsisters 4:
* The female cast is sizzling hot!
* The final threesome scene was definitely something very arousing!
* Melody Jordan and AJ Applegate did a great job, and had great chemistry together.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Very Good Movie.
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This was Filly Films’ Lesbian Stepsisters 4 Movie Review. You can find more titles from Filly Films here.

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