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A Soft Touch 2.

Talent: Gina Valentina, Gia Paige, Elsa Jean, Leah Gotti, Mia Malkova, Kimmy Granger, Tiffany Watson, Scarlet Red.
Studio: Digital Sin.
Eddie Powell.
Extras: Behind the Scenes (18+ min.), Photo Gallery (2+ min.), 3 Trailers, Spam.
Duration: 1 Hr. 51 Min.

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A Soft Touch 2 from Digital Sin and director Eddie Powell is a movie with four sexy lesbian scenes and I have to say the female cast of this movie is sizzling hot! (Watch the Free Trailer Here!) I’m not really sure if they’re including a short plot in each of the scenes (they didn’t in the previous installment: A Soft Touch), but Eddie Powell is usually more of a visual storyteller and he rocks it like that, so I hope he goes for the visual plot like he usually does! Let’s find out if A Soft Touch 2 is gonna rock our world!

Here’s the description of A Soft Touch 2:
“Brace yourself for intense orgasms and passionate lesbian encounters! 8 beautiful girls (including Elsa Jean, Leah Gotti, Mia Malkova, Gina Valentina & more) are ready to revel in ecstasy with the grace of a woman’s touch. A soft touch is all it takes to get these girls started!”


A Soft Touch 2 - Gina Valentina, Gia Paige Gina Valentina, Gia Paige
Gorgeous Gia is pouring some coffee in the kitchen; she goes to the bathroom and finds super sexy Gina taking a bubble bath and looking at her with a seductive stare. Gia gets inside the tub with Gina and they start kissing and caressing passionately. Ms. Paige takes control of the situation and holds Gina on her arms and jerks her off at the same time.


The sexy Latina gets in doggy position and Gia eats her pussy and ass from behind even though the water is soapy! Gina returns the favor enthusiastically by sucking on Gia’s tits and licking her pussy passionately (fingers included). There’s more oral sex and fingering for the beautiful Latina and they finally get out of the bathtub to keep providing oral sex to each other.

Gina puts panties inside Gia’s pussy just to be extra kinky; the girls scissor with each other and after that enthusiastic session, they finish the scene with a hot kiss and submerging into the tub again.


A Soft Touch 2 - Elsa Jean, Leah Gotti Elsa Jean, Leah Gotti
The gorgeous girls are already kissing passionately when the scene starts, and they’re wearing white teddies. Elsa is the first one to go the extra mile and she starts by sucking and kissing Leah’s tits; Leah removes Elsa’s panties and plays with her pussy using her fingers first and then, she eats Elsa’s pussy! The blonde girl returns the favor with very hot oral sex too, and they get completely naked after that to play more.


Leah uses a transparent dildo to fuck Elsa’s pussy and she’s kind enough to lick the blonde’s clit at the same time. Leah gets in doggy position and Elsa uses a small vibrator on Leah’s pussy while licking Leah’s asshole too! They bring a Hitachi massager and Leah uses it on Elsa’s clit while she’s simultaneously fingering the blonde girl’s pussy. Next, the lucky Hitachi gets in the middle of both pussies, satisfying them both at the same time! Leah squirts a lot while they’re massaging their pussies at the same time, it was awesome, you could tell from Elsa’s face too!


A Soft Touch 2 - Mia Malkova, Kimmy Granger Mia Malkova, Kimmy Granger
Sexy Mia just woke up and catches Kimmy watching porn again so they talked about it; the girls get very sexy with lingerie and soon, they’re onto each other with a passionate kiss and caresses! Mia decides to take the lead and she takes Kimmy’s top off and goes down on the kinky porn-watcher. She goes crazy eating Kimmy’s pussy for quite some time while she films the action with her camera.


Mia also gets her pussy eaten and she films the action with the camera (though we’re not able to watch the action in POV a lot). The girls perform briefly a 69 session and they keep playing with tit-sucking, kisses and caresses for a while; they also jerk off one another and finish their participation with a funny ending!


A Soft Touch 2 - Tiffany Watson, Scarlet Red Tiffany Watson, Scarlet Red
Sexy Scarlet is posing for Tiffany’s camera in a photoshoot; the photographer can’t hold back and ends up seduced by the sexy poses of Scarlet. The girls kiss with passion and Scarlet gets control of the situation getting herself naked and taking off Tiffany’s clothes! Scarlet eats pussy really good and she receives a very hot oral treatment from Tiffany too.


The girls keep taking turns at pussy licking and giving caresses on their bodies; Scarlet is the first one to put a finger inside the pussy. Tiffany uses a Hitachi massager on Scarlet’s pussy to bring her to the verge of an orgasm! Tiffany also gets her pussy massaged by the Hitachi and the scene ends with a very cool surprise ending!


A Soft Touch 2 from Digital Sin and director Eddie Powell was a very hot flick with a gorgeous female cast and very cool surprises (like Leah Gotti squirting or the endings of the last 2 scenes). I loved that the scenes went right to the point and the interaction between girls was mostly kinky but on the realistic side.


Some of the couples had a lot of chemistry and you can see they were dirty and not afraid of touching each other. The short stories were visual in 3 of the scenes and the scene featuring Mia and Kimmy included brief dialogue. Overall, I had a great time watching this movie and the hotties in it, I think it was better than the previous installment and I think you should definitely watch it!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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